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You Can Stop Your Periods!


Common period poses menstrual cramps

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Menstruation is a pain to most females out there. We get it every month and slowly wait for it to go away forever when we hit our menopause stage during our 50s. But did you know that you can actually stop the bleeding completely? Say goodbye to blood and pain forever!

Introducing the Intrauterine Device (IUD)!


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It’s a T-shaped device that is inserted into your uterus and it acts as a contraceptive device. Most people get it implanted to prevent pregnancy but one of its awesome advantages is that it stops you from getting them monthly periods. If you wish to conceive, you can simply go to the doctor and have it removed and everything will be back to normal.

Also, here is a fun infographic I have found on the Elle website which compares the price of IUDs to daily products (USD).

IUD cost comparison

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According to the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), an IUD insertion costs about $400-$500 in Singapore and it lasts for 3-5 years. So I guess if you do a price comparison to daily products in Singapore, that’s about 200-250 fillet-o-fishes or 26-33 condoms!

In case you are curious and wish to find out more about IUDs, here are the answers to some questions you may have in mind!

1. Will my blood build up inside my uterus?

No, you will not be walking around with a uterus full of blood with your IUD on. The IUD helps to make your uterus lining thinner and thus, no shedding is required and period doesn’t happen.

2. Can IUD prevent STDs?

No, IUD cannot prevent you from contracting STDs so please do practise safe sex.

3. Do all IUDs help to stop menstruation?

No, only hormonal IUDs help to stop periods so do make sure you consult your doctor about the uses of the IUD you are using. Some copper IUDs can help to stop periods but this is only if they contain hormonal-mimicking chemicals.


Personally, I wouldn’t want to insert an IUD because periods have become part of my life and I do not experience painful menstrual cramps (lucky me). But for those who wish to stop their horrible menstrual cramps, IUD may be a solution for you. However, always seek professional advice and guidance before making your decision!



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