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Why Is Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness Important?

Coming from a family with a breast cancer history, I completely understand the importance of having treatment facilities for breast cancer all around the world.


First: Let’s break down some stats to understand the impact breast cancer has had in Singapore and all over the world, to understand WHY spreading Breast Cancer Awareness is important!



According to National Cancer Singapore9,284 women in Singapore have been diagnosed with breast cancer so far; and 1.7 million women worldwide have been diagnosed with breast cancer and this figure continues to increase exponentially every year. But yet, there is no proven cure for cancer, which makes it more of a reason to spread its awareness.


Second: Let’s look at initiatives taken to increase awareness and what the outcomes are!

breast cancer awareness

October is considered “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” – which is organised to raise funds and increase awareness for breast cancer. This is to initiate and drive research towards diagnosis, prevention, cure and treatment; with constant information and support to women affected by breast cancer.

breast cancer awarness pink ribbon


The famous pink ribbon symbolising this awareness was established by Estée Lauder Companies after founding “The Breast Cancer Research Foundation” in 1993.



There have been variations on the traditional two-day-long walks to raise money for breast cancer research institutes. The participants include survivors, care-takers, family & friends and people who have had death in their family due to breast cancer.




In  2009, “Out of the Shadow of Pink”, “A Man’s Pink” and “Brandon Greening Foundation for Breast Cancer in Men”-  male breast cancer advocacy groups, collaborated to establish the third week of October as “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week”, as it’s a rare condition and not many people know about it.

Third: Let’s Show Our Support Today!

It is already the 7th of October – almost the end of the first week of October.
Breast Cancer could happen to anyone! It is extremely important to know the symptoms, available treatment options and thorough knowledge about Breast Cancer. Therefore, it is important to spread the word!

We challenge you to join in the campaign ran by the Breast Cancer Foundation today! It is as simple as they state: “SAY BREAST, SAVE LIVES”


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