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Why Do You Need A Pantyliner?

Are you one of those people who simply hate feeling icky and gross down there? Then pantyliners are the thing for you. Pantyliners have many uses and that’s exactly what we will be talking about today – Why do you need a pantyliner?


1. Hygiene


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Hygiene. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Using a pantyliner will ensure that you keep yourself feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. If you hate feeling wet and icky down there all the time (due to vaginal discharge), then a pantyliner is what you should be using.


2. Not dirtying your favourite underwear


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Don’t want to dirty your new Victoria’s Secret undies that cost a bomb? Use a pantyliner! The pantyliner will help to absorb all the nasty stuff and keep your undies looking new and pretty as it is. Also, it’ll save you a lot of trouble when it comes to washing.


3. Preparing for your period


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Ever stained your underwear because mother nature came knocking on your door? Pantyliner to the rescue! You can use a pantyliner around the time of your period so that you can prevent staining your favourite undies with blood. (because no one likes ruining their underwear and the hassle we have to go through to remove the blood stains)


4. Extra safety


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For people who use tampons and menstrual cups, a pantyliner will serve as a safety net in case any leakage happens. Not saying that that leakages will happen, but you know, just in case anything goes wrong, at least you know your pantyliner’s got you covered!

5. Celebrating the end of your period


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Down to the last few days of your period and don’t wanna waste your pads? Use pantyliners! Usually the last few days are the days where you experience super light flow, therefore, using a pantyliner will make sure that it gets the job done and you also don’t waste any pads/tampons.


So there you have it, reasons why you should be using a pantyliner. If you’re still not convinced after reading this article, we suggest you try it out for yourself and see how useful a pantyliner really is. Pantyliners are SO underrated. We don’t lie!


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