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What it’s Like to Take Period Delaying Pills

Two more months to Christmas! Have you had your Christmas getaway plans ready yet? If you’re like me, I would already have my luggage out, and am beginning to pack for my trip. What would your dream trip be like? Will it be a trip to Maldives to get that sun-kissed skin, or to climb the Himalayas? My dream Christmas trip would be preferably somewhere with snow that goes all the way up to my ankles. As cliché as it might sound, I would decorate the streets with snow angels and snowmen with carrots as noses and beads as eyes. As a woman, the worst nightmare that can happen on a trip would be unexpected visits from Aunt Flo.

If you don’t know what period delaying pills are, you can find out more in this article we’ve written! Before jumping straight into deciding whether you should take period delaying pills for your upcoming trip, we’ve interviewed someone who’s tried them before, and this will paint a more accurate picture of period delaying pills for you.

Why did you want to try out period delaying pills? Was it difficult to get them?

I took period delaying pills because the doctor prescribed it to me. My period is usually very regular, and I’ve never missed a period before. But then again, when I am stressed, my period can be delayed for a few days. When my period got delayed for a week, I got worried. After two weeks, I became paranoid and tried to research a reason on my own. I decided to visit the gynaecologist since the research got a bit too scary. The ultrasound seemed normal, and she prescribed me period delaying pills to bring my cycle back to normal.


I understand that period delaying pills are able to delay your period up to seventeen days. How long did you delay yours for?

I was actually prescribed two weeks’ worth of medicine. What I was told was that the pill helps to mimic the cycle, so that I would be producing more progesterone and thus my womb would think that it’s “period time” after I stop taking the pills. The pills contain norethisterone, which is a man-made version of progesterone. Honestly, I was quite hesitant to take the pills as I had many concerns. I was also skeptical about introducing artificial pills into my system, as I was unsure about how long they would stay in my body. After my period delayed for another week, I decided to take it.


I heard that some women do get nasty side effects, such as nausea or headaches. Did you have any side effects while taking the pills?

I didn’t have any side effects while taking the pills. It was normal, similar to taking flu medicine when you’re sick. I was told that my period should come two to three days after I finish my dose, but it was a week late! That made me panic, and googling my symptoms did not calm me down at all. I guess it can be psychological concerns too, since if you’re stressed, your period can delay and this then becomes a vicious cycle. When my period did came back though, it was about the same as usual. There wasn’t any intensified cramps or flow which I thought would happen.

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If someone was to ask you for advise about the pills and is unsure about whether she should give them a try, are there any tips that you would like to share?

From what I understand, there are different uses for period delaying pills. It can range from trying to shorten your period, cramps that are unbearable, or simply trying to delay it for a few days. For mine, I guess I would consider it as to regulate my hormones. I’d still recommend visiting a gynaecologist before deciding. Also, I would also recommend not googling too much if you have any symptoms! It would be best to go directly or even give your doctor a call if you have any questions regarding the pills. What works for me might not work for you, and it is the same for side effects. The doctor would give you the best advise whether you should take the pills.

Would you recommend the pills to your friends and family and will you consider purchasing them again?

I do know of friends who purchase them whenever they have a trip coming up, and they don’t really face any side effects after taking the pills. I guess if my family or friends would like to give it a try, I wouldn’t mind recommending. For myself, I would only take them if I was to go on huge trips like camping or sea-diving.


And this concludes our interview! I feel personally I would want to give period delaying pills a try, especially the fact that my cramps can be unbearable every month. So I guess this might be something that could work for me! However, do remember that such pills and its side effects vary from individual to individual – some may get cramps after, and some may even have a light period.

Something that I would do still is to pack some ibuprofen, MenstruHeat, and even some BackHeat. After all, it’s best to be natural to your body and not consume too many artificial products.




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