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“Caring For The Female Heartbeat” 


We are a consumer healthcare company that prides itself in designing and developing consumer experiences and products to provide comfort and relief for the modern woman. We have seen a couple of players looking into the feminine care space and innovating- IOT menstrual cups, fertility apps etc. However, we believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg, after all, the feminine cycle is the core of a female’s health.

Our mission is to create reliable tools for ladies during that time of the month so as to help them cope better (eventually feel better)- whether the discomfort comes in the form of menstrual cramps or other common troubles. At the very core of things, we believe that these tools and products will help ladies battle any feminine-related problems coming their way.

Therefore, we created our flagship product- MenstruHeat. MenstruHeat, is a drug-free alternative to relieving menstrual pain. It makes use of “Heat” as a natural therapy that is clinically proven to be as effective as pain-killers. Our proprietary ingredient mix allows just the right amount of heat to be released so that it can be effective for menstrual pain. 

We aspire to save 500 million women world-wide and have started in sunny Singapore- where we are available in over 70 retail stores, 90 Guardian stores and 300 7-Eleven outlets. We also run our regular subscription package online and have reached out to our customers through various social media platform- Amazon, Qoo10, etc. We also continue to brainstorm and research on new product developments to help women as much as we can!

Our journey has been an extreme roller coaster ride, but has been fulfilling- especially when our customers give in their insights and feedback on our products. Their support has always nudged us to improve ourselves and bring greater value to them.

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