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“After providing menstrual cramp relief to women through MenstruHeat, we sat back and analysed other ways by which we can bring comfort to their lives.
Then, there it was..

In this digital age, sitting for long hours in the office has caused backaches, neck & shoulder aches affecting our productivity and lifestyle. Realising that heat can help ease these aches and pain, we designed BackHeat & NeckHeat to be the convenient patch that provides soothing heat relief.

We are now on a mission to bring these patches to all the ladies who experience backaches & neck pains so that they can feel comfortable and be at their best while taking on the world.”

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We have now expanded our product line under our RealHeat Technology range!

We first entered the market with only our flagship product – MenstruHeat

MenstruHeat Version 2

MenstruHeat is Asia’s first portable and 100% natural heat therapy patch which effectively brings menstrual cramp relief.

MenstruHeat is a drug-free alternative which uses “heat”- as it has been clinically proven to be as effective as pain-killers. The proprietary ingredient mix allows just the right and controlled amount of heat to be released so that it can be effective for menstrual pain.


And now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our range with two new products – BackHeat & NeckHeat!


BackHeat is a 100% natural heat therapy patch which is effective for back aches & pain relief.

BackHeat was designed by keeping working women and housewives in mind. Backaches are common due to sitting for long hours at work or taking care of home and family – which can affect your productivity and lifestyle. Therefore, BackHeat has been designed to be the convenient patch that fits comfortably onto your back to provide soothing heat relief, using our RealHeat Technology.



NeckHeat is a 100% natural heat therapy patch for effective neck aches & shoulder pain relief.

Most ladies bear with these neck & shoulder aches, without any complains. But there has been an increase in these symptoms (especially in women), due to long working hours – spending time on our laptops, phones & tablets. Therefore, NeckHeat aims to provide a convenient and hassle-free solution to ease those neck & shoulder pain using our RealHeat Technology.


All three products are available for you at: both in Singapore & Malaysia.
[Hello to all our Malaysian friends!  😉 ]

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