Try Our New MenstruHeat Lite Edition (Available At Guardian)

Hi there!

Our product MenstruHeat has been in the Singapore market for over a year now. We have had our ups and downs but you have always supported MenstruHeat. All your constant support and feedback helped us grow stronger and gave us the courage to accept challenges.

Here is a short pictorial story behind MenstruHeat’s release in Singapore:


Why MenstruHeat Lite?

MenstruHeat works on the foundation of exothermic reaction. When the iron particles inside the heat patch comes in contact with air, the reaction produces heat. This reaction has been formulated to produce a heat of 58 degrees Celsius, which has been reported to be an ideal temperature to reduce cramps.

However, due to various heat tolerance levels, MenstruHeat only caters to consumers with medium to high heat tolerance level. We have also had requests from customers to reduce the temperature.



 MenstruHeat aims to be a product that is user-friendly and most importantly, a product that can cater to your needs and degree of comfort.

Introducing MenstruHeat Lite Edition at 52 degrees

We heard you! So now, we are trying out a new heat level with MenstruHeat Lite — 6°C lower for those who prefer less heat. MenstruHeat Lite will be available for a limited time only, so be sure to try it out while you can. And do not worry if you prefer a higher temperature, you can find both MenstruHeat and MenstruHeat Lite in stores 🙂 If you previously found MenstruHeat too hot for your liking, drop by to a store and try it out.

If you have never tried MenstruHeat before, why not now?

We need your feedback!

We understand that menstrual cramps can be a handful to handle.

MenstruHeat is here to help you ease your pain. Do let us know how you feel about our MenstruHeat Lite edition – we value your feedback!

Hate it? Love it? We are hear to listen to your heartbeat.

Thank you, once again for your love and support. It means the world to us.

PS: Stand to win prizes when you participate in our lucky draw! Just head over to and give us your feedback on MenstruHeat/MenstruHeat Lite! 🙂

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