Top 8 Most Affordable Skincare Products

Have you ever wondered why females tend to spend more money than males? Clothes, makeup, skincare, the list goes on. As females, we all know that having a proper skincare routine is very important in making sure that your skin is healthy and will look great as you age, which is why skincare products targeted at females are usually rather pricey. Fret not as we introduce some of the most affordable, yet incredible skincare products in this article!

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1. Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Mosturizing Lotion

Photo credits: eBay

Photo credits: eBay

Hada Labo (which directly translates to “Skin Lab”) is a Japanese skincare brand that was introduced in 2004. It is the number 1 selling lotion in Japan, with one bottle sold every two seconds! It is not difficult to understand why after you’ve tried the lotion yourself. The lotion contains hyaluronic acid, a prized ingredient in skincare products. Some of the plus points of this product would be:

  • Intense hydration ensures skin stays hydrated for a long time
  • Makes skin feel softer and more supple
  • Helpful for all skin types as it is pH balanced
  • Fragrance and alcohol free
  • Can be used a standalone mosturizer

For those on a tight budget or are too lazy to have a skincare routine that involves many steps, this lotion is perfect for you as it serves as both a toner as well as a mosturizer.

With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Priced at $22.90 per bottle, it’s affordable and practical. Just think, you’re getting 2 different products in one bottle!


2. Ettusais Peeling Milk

Photo credit: 1001 Pasji

Photo credit: 1001 Pasji

Exfoliating is very important to rid our skin of the layer of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy glowing skin underneath. It also helps rid our pores of all the dirt and gunk! Unlike the usual exfoliating scrubs that contain artificial micro-beads (which is actually harmfully to the environment), Ettusais Peeling Milk is an exfoliator in liquid form that is just like milk. It is also:

  • Non-comedogenic, which means it is formulated to prevent pores from clogging
  • Non-alcohol, will not damage skin and cause oiliness
  • Only mildy acidic, thus will not damage the natural pH of our skin
  • Triples up as a softener, mosturizing milk, and also a brightener!

So how do we use this peeling milk? On a cleansed dry face, simply apply a cherry size amount onto your hands and and rub into face in circular motions. Avoid areas around the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Priced at $26 per bottle, it’s a really great deal to keep your skin soft and glowing!


3. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

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Photo credits: beautifulbuns

Next up on the list is the famous Korean skincare brand Laneige. Several Korean celebrities such as Song Hye Kyo from the popular drama “Descendants of the Sun” has sworn by Laneige’s products. Their lip sleeping mask is also a favorite for girls who suffer from dry chapped lips, or girls who simply love matte lips. Although this product is not exactly a skincare product, our lips are also equally as important as our skin because who doesn’t want to pull off a perfect matte lip, right?

The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in a tub, together with a special spatula for you to scoop the product out and apply onto your lip (perfect for those who hates dipping their fingers into tub products). It works just like a mask, but for the lips. It helps to remove the dead skin cells, and leaves you with supple and moist lips the next morning.

The product has a sweet berry fragrance that all girls will love, and it also contains our favourite ingredient: hyaluronic acid! To use the lip sleeping mask, simply scoop some product out using the spatula provided and apply evenly onto lips before bedtime. Leave in and remove it the next morning and tadaa! You will wake up will the perfect lip for any lipstick. (We suggest using a toothbrush to gently brush off the dead skin on your lips.) The lip sleeping mask is priced at $27, a little pricey but a little goes a long way and it is definitely a must-have.


4. QV Skin Lotion

Photo credits: QV

Photo credits: QV

I’m sure you girls out there who suffer from sensitive skin or skin irritation would’ve heard of this lotion. Well if you haven’t, then you’re certainly missing out! The QV skin lotion is meant as a lotion to repair and soothe dry skin, but it is suitable for all kinds of skin. If you’re faced with skin problems such as eczema, dry cracked skin, or sensitive skin, then this lotion is for you!

Unlike some lotions that leave a sticky residue after, the QV skin lotion absorbs really well and fast such that you can’t feel any stickiness after applying it. Furthermore, you get to see the difference it makes to your skin. The QV skn lotion is

  • pH balanced
  • Made from low-irritant formulation
  • Fragrance free
  • Suitable for all skin types, particularly infants and elderly

If this product is safe for infants, then it’ll definitely be suitable for people with sensitive skin. For best effect, it is suggested to apply this lotion to all parts of your body after bath and just before bedtime. The lotion is also reasonably priced at $24 for 500mL, which will last you a long time.


5. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Photo credits: Innisfree

Photo credits: Innisfree

Ah, yet another Korean skincare brand! Innisfree has been known to offer affordably-priced products ranging from skincare to cosmetics. Its skincare range has always been loved by beauty fans due to its affordability and ability to perform.

The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is especially popular and has always been out of stock a few times I tried to purchase it. It is a 6-in-1 pore treatment clay mask that contains “super volcanic cluster capsules”, which helps to effectively absorb sebum and cleanse pores.

The volcanic clay is made of minerals released by volcanic explosions in Jeju. The minerals are effective in helping to cleanse pores and remove impurities (goodbye blackheads!). One of the plus points would be the cooling sensation you get when you wash off the mask, perfect for places with a humid weather like Singapore. Use it just like any other clay mask! It is priced very reasonably at $20.86 for a tub of product.


6. Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner

Photo credits: Priceline

Photo credits: Priceline

We’ve talked about lotions, mosturizers, masks, but the most important step before applying all of the above: toner.

Toning is important because it helps to remove excess traces of oil, dirt, or grime that our facial may be unable to remove completely. It also helps to shrink your pores (nobody likes big pores!) and adds a layer of protection to protect your skin and prevent penetration of impurities as well as environmental contamination.

We recommend the Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner not only because it is cheap, but also because:

  • It is formulated with Hydra IQ technology to enhance your skin’s natural mosturization
  • Refreshing formula
  • Formulated with Vitamin E

It has also been reviewed to be good for not only normal and combination skin, but also works well on acne prone skin. Furthermore, it is priced at only $7.75. So hurry and go get it now!


7. Hiruscar Post Acne Gel

Photo credits: H Pharma

Photo credits: H Pharma

Some of us might have experienced several breakouts or acne when we were in our teenage years, and the worst part is that these pimples/acne left a nasty scar behind.

The Hiruscar Post Acne Gel is specially formulated to help those facing the troubles of pimple scars. Its unique 3-in-1 formulation works simultaneously to improve the appearance of existing acne scars, dark marks, as well as prevent acne occurrence. So how exactly does Hiruscar help to lighten your scars?

  • Contains Allantoin, improves cell regeneration and helps to remove dead cells
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Contains Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate (MPS), a unique ingredient that promotes wound healing process
  • Contains Vitamin B3, which improves the elasticity of scar tissue and helps to control oil production
  • Contains Allium Cepa, which in this case is 34 times more concentrated than any other sources

Finally! A way to combat our nasty pimple scars. This gel has to be used for a certain period of time until you get to see the effect. Best to apply the gel 2 to 3 times daily. It may take some time, but hey, what’s a less costly and effective way to rid your scars right? A tube of Hiruscar gel costs $22.90, which is a really good price for something that will help get rid of the scars that you’ve been fretting over for the longest time.

8. Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Photo credits: Redmart

Photo credits: Redmart

And the final one on our list is…..facial wash! After going through all the skincare products, we finally have our most basic must-have!

I’m sure everyone understands the importance of using facial washes or, cleansers, particularly for ladies. A good facial wash helps to remove all buildup of oil, dirt, bacteria on our faces from the surroundings. If we don’t clean them off, it might lead to clogged pores and horrible breakouts. It also allows us to have a clean skin in order to absorb the rest of our skincare products more effectively (don’t let that expensive serum go to waste!).

The Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash provides instant foam with just one pump, and the microbubbles helps to penetrate into our pores to make sure that all dirt, oil and impurities are removed! It also contains hydrating ingredients that softens the skin. It also has 800% more microbubbles and 8X denser foam! Just imagine everytime you wash your face, it’s like patting fluffy marshmallows onto your face instead of soap! It is priced at $13.90 and refill packs are available at an even cheaper price of $10.90!


So there we have it, our top 8 picks for the most affordable skincare products. If you’re unsure whether the products are good for you, do some research on the reviews! You won’t be disappointed. Now that you’ve read the article, you know what products you can buy that’s so good it’s worth every cent yet also won’t burn a big hole in your pocket!


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