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THINX Period Panty

Not sure if many others feel this way but I horribly dread waiting for my period. Especially if I want to wear erm, white, for some occasions. Too many restrictions, too little solutions.. until I read about THINX.

I personally have not tried the product, but thought it’s so cool I have to share!

THINX is a period panty for you to wear during your period to safeguard against leakage. Check out this diagram:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.12.06 pm

I borrowed the above illustration from their website.

What I’m really fascinated about is its ability to function like a pad/tampon! (though I wouldn’t use it to replace pads, but surely, the double protection will help whenever you feel it’s overflowing. Afterall, security is our best friend for that week of the month.

The best part of it? It looks awesome as a period panty! I always imagined period underwear to be like granny underwear, high-waisted, cotton, plain looking.. THINX surely brought it up a notch and I believe, wow-ed many with the laces added to it.

Unfortunately they are currently not selling in Singapore, and I’m so tempted to bring it in.

Drop me a note if you think we should! 🙂

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