Things That Every Girl Can Relate To

1. Lipgloss + Wind

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Yes, your lipgloss will attract your hair just like how magnets attract paper clips.


2. When you finally shave your legs

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and then you crawl into bed.


3. Having to deal with period cramps

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Struggles of being a girl is real.


4. When you discover MenstruHeat for your cramps

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Why have I been suffering from cramps all my life?


5. “I have nothing to wear.”

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“I need more clothes.”

*wonders where all my money went to*

6. Trying to nail your eyeliner

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Yup. #eyelineronfleek doesn’t come easy.


7. When you head into a store for a ‘quick browse’

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Yes, we understand.


8. Shopping online

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*proceeds to question why everything is so expensive*


9. When you wear your new shoes for the first time

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And at the end of the day you feel betrayed.



10. When you get home

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and you feel like you can finally breathe again.


11. When you pull on a loose thread

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11. Running with a loose hair tie

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And your messy ponytail looks like a failed imitation of a runway hairstyle.


12. When your clothes are too tight

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Why you should just wear your PJs to work.


13. Nails

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W H Y.


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