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The 3Bs: Boobs, Bras and Backaches

Do you know what is the cause of your frequent backache pains? Backaches can be such a pain in the neckback. It doesn’t matter how much joint-cracking, medication or heat therapy is applied if you do not find out the root cause!

Today, we are going to touch on the two most common topics related to backaches for women: boobs and bras.

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As we all know, boobs are mainly made out of several types of muscles, fatty tissues and glands compacted altogether.

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Thus, women with larger breasts would have more muscles, fatty tissues and glands compacted than those of smaller breasts. With boobs located at the upper torso (duh), women may experience more weight strain on the chest area. And without proper support and posture, the excess weight on the chest may result in a strain on the neck, shoulders and back.

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As women, proper support for our breasts is extremely important! Which is why the bras that we buy and wear plays an essential role. When choosing and buying bras, there are two main things to look out for: 1. Fitting 2. Support.

Bra Fitting

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard the phrase “women are buying wrong bra sizes” countless of times. Apparently, we’re either buying bras too big or too small for our breasts and although I can neither deny nor confirm these allegations…… Let’s just start off by knowing how to ensure that we’re wearing a proper bra fit.

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And the first step to doing this is always making sure that you get the retail assistant to measure your bra size and recommend you the best fit! While we may have a “standard” bra size, different brands have their bras designed differently – some bra cups are smaller than usual, and some bras will expand after a few washes etc.

For younger females, this may be a little embarrassing but for the sake of your boobs, please get it fitted!!

Now that you know what to look out for when purchasing your bras, you also ought to know your bras and the type of coverage and support they provide. This will allow you to not only choose the right fit but also one that provides the best support your boobs need.


Bra Support

Bras help us to fight against the effects of gravity on our boobs and it is important that your breasts get the required support to prevent premature sagging. Yes, sagging of breasts is an eventuality but you don’t want to have them sagging at a young age, do you?

Here are the components of bras that provide support to your boobs:

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  1. Underwire Channel (and underwire) – gives the best shape and definition to a bustline. It is also a personal preference, some women do not like bras with underwire.
  2. Band – designed and engineered to carry the weight and thrust of your breasts
  3. Center Back Eyes/Hooks – a good fit bra will be worn comfortably on the first (loosest) eyes
  4. Strap – meant to act as stabilizers for the bra and should carry no more than 10% of the breast’s weight

These 4 factors are the main things to look out for when buying your bras!

Here are some of the more common type of bras as well as their coverages:

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Now with the knowledge of having proper boob support and giving your boobs some TLC, we hope that this will help alleviate strains on your chest area which will, in turn, prevent backaches! With so many choices out in the lingerie market, it will definitely take a while before you find out your preferences as well as what suits your breasts and body type the best. But fret not, go forth and explore! It is also the perfect excuse to purchase more bras! ( ?° ?? ?°)


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