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Sleeping On Your Period: What You Need To Know and How It Can Help Relieve Menstrual Cramps


How many times have you laid in bed, wide awake and doubled over with menstrual discomfort?

You’re not alone: 33% of women say they lose sleep during their periods. But, have no fear- there are ways to beat Mother Nature and get the good night’s sleep your body craves.


How Do Periods Affect Sleep?

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Many different symptoms of a period can disrupt your sleep cycles, either keeping you up, or waking you in the middle of the night. Menstrual cramps, bloating, body aches, and increased body temperature can all negatively affect your rest.

Often, sleep quality is the worst right before the period actually starts. In fact, the majority of women say that they experience the most sleep changes in the two to three days leading up to their period. These women say they don’t just struggle to fall asleep, but they also toss and turn throughout the night. These PMS pains often hit just as progesterone levels in the body are dramatically dropping, a few days before the period begins.


How To Sleep Better On Your Period?

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○ Change Your Sleeping Position

The fetal position takes pressure off the abdomen, which helps relax muscles and relieve cramping. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach, which can increase blood flow and make things much less comfortable.

○ Yoga Before Bed

Trying out a few yoga poses before bed can help relax the mind and muscles, to reduce body aches and make it easier to get comfortable once in bed. Try out these specific poses for the best menstrual cramp relief.

○ Keep Cool

Tackle that natural spike in body temperature by maintaining a cool sleeping environment. For optimal sleep, keep your room between 15-20 degrees celsius (60-68 degrees Fahrenheit), and use a mattress with airflow to stay cool all night long.

○ Use Heat Therapy

While staying cool, use direct heat therapy directly on your abdomen for menstrual cramp relief that works throughout the night. The heat relaxes uterine muscles and gives quick pain relief.


How Can Better Sleep Relieve Menstrual Cramps and Other Period Symptoms?

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Investing in your sleep can even serve as natural menstrual cramp relief. High-quality sleep can not only lessen body aches and stiffness, but it can also boost your mood and reduce PMS symptoms. Even if your menstrual cramps persist despite these suggestions, a good night’s sleep can increase your pain threshold, and make it a little bit easier to handle the discomfort. If you feel like nibbling on something, check out these food that actually help with menstrual cramp relief.

Most importantly, remember that there’s no formula to a perfect period. Just make sure to listen to your body and try whatever works for your own needs.

Cater our suggestions to your lifestyle and get the sleep you need!

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