Essentials for Travel

Girls should not be lazy even on holiday but what is essential and good enough for you to bring them in your luggage? I have some essentials that I will bring with me no matter where I go, even for a staycation.

1. Essential Night Care Milk

I take extra care of my hair when I’m on a holiday or staycation. I don’t sleep in air con room so my hair will get dry if I sleep in an air con room. Essential Night Care Milk is my all-time favorite, it helps to keep my hair tame even with friction from pillow. If you have long hair like me, give it a try. I love the travel set from Ma Cherie too, the sweet smell and instant result of the conditioner makes me carry them around.

2. Lucido-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment Oil

Another new found favourite is this Argan Oil lotion which is perfect for use before leaving the place. We still want our hair to be shiny and smooth even when on holidays!

3. GlamPalm Hair Straightener

I can’t leave my house or any place without my GlamPalm hair straightener. It has become an essential even when I’m going overseas.

4. Night Time Skincare

My night skincare regime is the same even for overseas on a daily basis. Just that when I’m on holiday, I’ll be more hardworking in using them! I can’t live without Laneige Berry Lip Care and Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack. I have very dry lips that will bleed on its own but ever since I started using the lip care every night, my lips are no longer dry or bleeding! I love their sleeping mask too but it’s very troublesome to bring the whole bottle around. I’ll replace it with capsule sleeping pack which works the same too. I’ll wake up with hydrated skin even if I sleep in air con. Fancl renewal pack is another moisturizing skincare product that I can’t live without.

I tend to breakout overseas because of my sensitive skin. Bodyshop Tea Tree lotion is my savior with its ability to shrink pimples! And I love Philosophy Miracle eye cream too, reduces the puffy eyes and eye bag. Basically, I’ll just take my own time to use them in the comfort of the hotel!

5. Day Time Skincare

My day skincare is much simpler! I’ll just use my Labo Labo moisturizer with Fancl Sun Block. I can’t live without Sun Block and do you know that Sun Block is an essential for every girl? UV Rays and exposure from the sun damage the Elastin in our skin which will speed up the aging process. It causes skin discoloration and freckles too. So girls, it’s important to use Sun Block. I’ve used Lancome sun block for 8 years before switching over to this. I love both brands and how light they feel. And at the end of the day, I’ll use Biore makeup wipe to remove makeup clearly. I usually use Bifesta at home but they are too bulky and big to be carried out.

It’s important to take care of our skin, more than just putting on makeup. Even when overseas, we need to take care of our skin and hair especially with the differences in climate and air.


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