Review: Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?


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Have you ever wondered how some girls have long fluttery lashes even though they don’t have any makeup on? The answer is: eyelash extensions. I’ve heard about eyelash extensions for a while now and they seem like quite the trend, especially since they make you look made-up so effortlessly.

As an Asian, I have naturally droopy lashes and no matter how much I curl them, they’ll only stay curled for an hour or so before drooping again. As a result, my eyes always look tired when I don’t have makeup on.

So when I got the offer to do eyelash extensions, I was really excited yet nervous at the same time. My friend had it done (at the same salon) a few days before mine. I kept asking her how the process was like, whether it hurt or not and many other questions. (I must’ve been so annoying HAHA)

Some of my thoughts before eyelash extensions were:

  • Will it hurt???
  • Will my natural lashes get damaged?
  • How to maintain the extensions?
  • Can I still put makeup on my eyes?

There are different types of curls such as: B curl, C curl, D curl and L+ curl. If you’re a first-timer like me and don’t know which curl to go for, just ask your beautician for advice! They’ll assess your eye shape, eyelids etc, and give you the best suggestion.

Initially, I was quite paranoid that there would be a separation between the naturally curled up extensions and my droopy lashes, thus forming 2 visible layers. Of course that did not happen as the beautician suggested I go for an even longer length for the extensions since my natural lash was already quite long and droopy. My extensions were a mix of 12mm – 13mm C curls (at the inner corner and middle) and D curls (at the outer ends).


The beautician started off by cleaning my eyelashes and then taped my upper eyelids upwards to fan out the lashes. An undereye patch was also stuck on so that there was something to rest my natural lashes on when attaching the extensions.


Close up! Each lash is separated and pushed down onto the undereye patch using the tweezer and the extension will be stuck onto your own natural lash! Here’s a video of it in action:

It looks scary but trust me, you’ll feel nothing at all! The whole environment was super chill and I almost fell asleep!

As the extensions are stuck strand by strand onto your natural lashes, it is pretty time consuming and mine took around 1.5 – 2hrs. The amount of time needed depends on how fast your beautician is as well as the number of strands of lashes you chose.

eyelashes before extension

My natural lashes

Eyelashes with extensions

With eyelash extensions


Right Eye

This was after my right eye was done! As you can see from my left eye, my natural lashes are really droopy.

Yay! The end result: long, fluttery lashes!

Yes, now I can tell people “I woke up like this” hahaha.

Eyelash extensions typically cost S$60+; it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not! I’ve summarised a few pros and cons I’ve learnt about eyelash extensions so far, to better prepare you if you’re looking to do eyelash extensions!


  • Saves time on makeup
  • You can skip your makeup completely and still look effortlessly made-up
  • Forget mascara and the hassle of removing them!
  • Longer, thicker & fuller lashes!



  • Sparse, spider lashes when the extensions are falling out
  • Washing your face without rubbing onto the lashes
  • Q-tips will be your new best friend because the fluff from cotton pads will get hooked onto the extensions
  • No rubbing of your eyes!
  • Eyelash extensions fall out after 2-3 weeks, depending on the individual


All in all, extensions are definitely worth the try, but just be sure you take good care of them and get them done by a professional!

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