Reflecting on Breast Cancer Awareness Month


As some of you may know, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we held an Instagram Giveaway, to spread the word about breast cancer. In addition to our blog content, we also had daily instagram posts that aimed to increase public awareness, as well as accurate information to make sure our followers were in the know about this disease. This campaign saw a reach of >50,000 with over 750 individuals tagged. And we are simply humbled by the amazing response we got from you guys, thank you all so much for your support! But of course none of this would have been possible without the help of our wonderful collaborators and partners. So here’s a little thank you shout out to them, with some links so you can find out more about them as well!

1. Prize sponsors

Lava Yoga


Lava Yoga is located in i12 Katong, and is a leading women-only Hot Yoga brand from Japan. With a goal of spreading joy to as many people as possible through yoga, Lava Yoga’s hot yoga sessions are infused with specially crafted original music to encourage natural flow and concentration. The studio is fully equipped with mats, shower and locker facilities. Classes range from basic techniques to sessions that address common female body concerns. You can enjoy 7 different classic programs: Lava Flow 1 & 2, Pelvis, Anti-Aging, Abdominal, Flow Core and Ashtanga. And 3 new programs: Open Heart, Detox Flow and Hip Therapy. Learn more about them here, and check out their Instagram at @lavayogasingapore.


Faux Fayc

Started in 2014, Faux Fayc is a local Singapore-based Cosmetics brand. Faux Fayc aims to enlighten women of all ages with products that can dramatically enhance their features in seconds! They seek to provide you with a completely new ‘FAUX FAYC’ – personality and character, specially designed for your alter ego. Their bestselling Fauxlash Mascara Duo Set promises a 300% increase in the length and thickness of your lashes, and giving you the falsie effect without all the effort and hassle. Check them out here, and follow them on Instagram at @fauxfayc!


2. Campaign hosts




Qi Yun is the author and creative behind She can best be described as a beauty junkie, and a perpetual wanderluster. She gets inspiration from colours, travelling, and engaging in interesting conversations. She hopes that through her blog, she may share her gifts of knowledge, dreams and aspirations to the world. Follow her on Instagram at @qiyunz to keep up with her daily adventures, and check her blog out here!



christy ho


A former communications consultant and now a Page Operations Analyst at Facebook Singapore, Christy is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer who loves good food, hunting for OOTD spots and goofing around with her friends. You can find her at @christyfrisbee on Instagram, and on Tumblr too!’





Kai Ting is a lifestyle blogger who showcases her lively personality through her social media posts. Her loyal readers are first attracted by her fun and candid personality, but stay for with her genuine opinions. She’s a dreamer with a never-ending desire to soar to great heights! Follow her on Instagram at @kaitinghearts, and check out her blog here.





Juliana is a lifestyle consultant at, a home for all you beauty junkies, fashionistas and wanderlusters. Join her as she share tips and tricks that will allow you to go from wakeup to makeup effortlessly every day, and jet-set in style. Follow her on Instagram at @ilovebunnynet, and check out her website here!


Ena Teo Jia En



Ena is a real estate agent, and founder of the Singapore-based, lifestyle blog Enabalista. Enabalista is presented through a balanced trio of visuals, personal reviews & conversations with her readers. Ena enjoys writing about her personal experiences with fashion, beauty, food & travel. Follow her on Instagram at @ena_teo, and check out her blog here!





June is a self-professed beauty & fashion consummate, who rediscovered her love of the written word through blogging. She loves empowering her readers to put their best selves forward with her latest discoveries, and penning down the inspirational stories of others. Since starting her blog in 2013, she has gone on to clinch notable accolades such as being a Clozette Ambassador, Blackbox SG Editor as well as being a 2-time finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards under Beauty category for 2014 & 2015. Follow her on Instagram at @junedujour, and check out her blog here!





Eugena is a dancer, and a full-time Pilates instructor, with a passion of film photography, and body art. Her blog comprises of reviews, tips and tricks, as well as daily musings. Follow her on Instagram at @itzeugena, and check her blog out here!





Joycelyn is a math undergraduate in NTU, who loves fashion and beauty. Her Dayre blog is filled with her daily adventures, product reviews, and pretty flatlays. Follow her on Instagram at @joycelynthiang, and check out her blog here!



Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.25.43 pm


Priscilla is a lifestyle influencer managed by Sample store. She takes on a positive outlook on life, loves to write and loves her family above all. Follow her on Instagram at @prissxy, and check out her dayre here!


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 1.32.14 pm 

Sheryl loves beauty, fashion and food. She lets her personality shine through commercials, advertorials and even emcee-ing. Follow her on Instagram at @sherbabes to check out some of her behind-the-scene shots.




Yihan describes herself as a dreamer and an optimist, as well as an active lifestyle advocate who happens to work a 9 to 5 job. She believes that life is about actively making choices that will improve our experiences. And feels that it is all about making the life, not living the life. Follow her on Instagram at @han_alogy, and read her musings here!


Once again, we would never have expected such an amazing response. We hope that through this, we were able to do some good, and spread awareness about this disease. Every little bit of help counts, and together we can put an end to this disease. We hope you all had an awesome October, and we hope November will be even better 🙂




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