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PSLOVE TRIES: Period Underwear

As we spend half our lives menstruating, it’s only fair to explore all the feminine hygiene options out there to figure out what suits us the best! Most of us girls who grew up in Singapore and other conservative Asian countries were taught by our mums to use sanitary pads from our very first period. But these days, there are many more attractive menstrual products which are more convenient and better for the earth – great for us environmentally conscious girls who want to cut down on single-use items. The generous people at LiveLoveLuna sent over a couple of reusable items for our team to try out, including 2 types of period panties from Modibodi, which we will be reviewing today. We will be posting our review on their Eco Femme cloth pads & pantyliners next week!

modibodi period panties


Why is period underwear a better option?

According to Modibodi, these are a few reasons why you should make the switch:

  1. They are comfortable! Most period underwear are made from a bamboo mix, which other than feeling soft and smooth, is also naturally anti-microbial and eliminates odours.
  2. They are convenient! You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring an extra pad/tampon out for the day, nor about leaking through your undies. There are many types of period underwear out there with different absorbencies, some of which can last for a whole day.
  3. It’s eco-friendly! An average woman uses 5000 – 14000 menstrual products in her lifetime, generating 140kg of waste going straight into the landfill! Pads can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. On the other hand, period underwear can last for 2-3 years if cared for properly, which means you’ll only be generating a few pieces of underwear worth of waste every couple of years!
  4. It’s cheaper! While it may cost more upfront, you’ll never have to buy sanitary pads and tampons again! Based on a quick calculation, three pairs of period underwear costs an average of $90 and they last for three years. For three year’s supply of sanitary napkins, you’ll have to fork out almost $215.
  5. It’s better for your body! Did you know that free bleeding prevents vaginal dryness as it allows bacteria and natural secretions to flourish? (Free bleeding is the practice of menstruating without blocking or collecting the period flow.) Pads and tampons may contain chemicals that cause cancers and endometriosis as they have to be bleached to achieve that pure white look.

Still not sure? Let’s talk about our first experiences with period underwear!


Girl A

Review: Modibodi Period Panties Classic Bikini – Light Absorbency

modibodi period panties light absorbency

First things first, I don’t have a heavy flow. Secondly, I’m a menstrual cup user. On heavy days, I pair my cup with a disposable pantyliner in case of leaks. I switched over from using sanitary pads as I wanted to reduce the amount of waste that I produce and have been loving it so far! The idea of period underwear was always intriguing to me as it is as un-intrusive as pads, but much more environmentally friendly!

I chose to wear the underwear on my 2nd day, when I was spending a full 16 hours out of my house and also when I experience the heaviest flow.



The underwear was soft and comfy, and the absorbent lining was a soft, squishy padding that wasn’t any more noticeable than a pad. I got the Classic Bikini cutting which I’m used to, and it fit snug around my body which feels very secure (read: blood can’t escape!)

The absorbent area is black which I really appreciate as I hate having to see blood while on my period – however, this also meant that I don’t have a visual indicator of how full the pad is getting.



Whenever I went to the toilet, I dab on the absorbent area with tissue to check how it’s holding up. I was surprised that there was hardly any blood transfer – plus points for quick absorbency to keep the top dry and hence prevent leakage! The underwear held up perfectly through my entire day and I didn’t notice any leakage or odour, thankfully!


Clean up

The part that I was dreading – to wash the underwear after it has been soaked in blood. Modibodi suggests rinsing it right after use and then to put them into a washing machine for a cold wash. As I didn’t want to use a washing machine, I rinsed the underwear, soaked with detergent and cold water while I was showering, then washed it out till the water ran clear! It wasn’t any more difficult than washing out a stained pair of undies.


Overall thoughts

I would wear this again, perhaps on days when I didn’t feel like wearing a cup! It was comfortable and did its job well. It would be the perfect choice for environmentally conscious girls who aren’t ready for a menstrual cup yet! It does take time and effort to wash the underwear after use, but I think that the security, environmental benefits and cost savings that you get are more than worth it!


Girl B

Review: Modibodi Period Panties Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini – Heavy Absorbency

modibodi period panties heavy absorbency

Like Girl A, my flow is pretty regular – on my heaviest days, typically the first and second day, I would only use up to a maximum of two pads in a day, and I only change for the sake of hygiene. To put things into perspective, I can wear a menstrual cup the entire day and not overflow, even on my heaviest days.

When I was tasked to try the Modibodi Period Panties in heavy absorbency, I was honestly a bit worried because I wasn’t sure if just a pair of underwear is able to absorb all the blood I’d give out on my heaviest day. On that day, I wore the period undies for 16 hours (most of the time I was sitting down).



The Modibodi Period Panties was extremely comfortable. Because it was the Heavy Absorbency variant, it had extra paddings at the back, making it really cushy and soft. It felt like I was sitting on an extra-padded seat the entire time! Initially I was a little taken aback by its bulkiness, but after trying it on it felt really nice!

The best part about wearing this period panties is that there is almost no odour! Every time I had to wear a sanitary pad, I hated how it smelled and it always made me feel dirty. This period undies somehow managed to successfully mask all odours. I love it.

modibodi period panties heavy absorbency



Wow. The absorbency of this period underwear is absolutely AMAZING! The one I wore was all black, so I couldn’t actually see the blood. I felt really insecure the entire day because I couldn’t see how much area of the underwear I’ve bleed on! I went to catch a movie that day and I was so afraid that I would leave a puddle of blood on the seat. Thankfully none of that happened and I had nothing to worry about.


Clean up

Everything about the Modibodi Period Panties is perfect, except the cleaning bit. I got home late that day and I was really dreading the washing, I just wanted to shower and sleep. With a menstrual cup there’s not much cleaning to do, but with the period undies I had to first soak it in water and squeeze out the blood stored within the undies. It was horrifying. It took about 5 rounds of wringing! Because it was all black, I really didn’t know if there were stains so to be safe, I piled on some detergent and let it soak overnight in cold water. That’s how I usually deal with blood stains!

The next morning, I rinsed the undies and wrung it a few more times to make sure that there weren’t any red liquid left. It didn’t smell like blood anymore so I guess managed to wash it all off.


Overall thoughts

4.5 stars for the Modibodi Period Panties! I would wear them again, but perhaps on the last few days of my period when my flow isn’t as heavy (so I don’t have to go through as much trouble washing the blood away). I’m all for eco-friendly menstrual products (I’m a menstrual cup user) and I highly recommend this pair of period underwear if you’re into reusable menstrual products as well!

If you’re interested to get one for yourself, head over to LiveLoveLuna to get it now!




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