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PSLOVE TRIES: Making Our Pores Smaller

It’s every girl’s dream to have smooth and flawless skin, and with that, small, unnoticeable pores. These pores, which are actually openings of hair follicles, tend to be the most obvious at the forehead, nose and upper cheek areas. It is also more likely for people who tend to get acne to have more visible pores, as the oil glands are more active.

For this month’s pslove tries, we’re going to try 3 different natural methods to reduce the appearance of our pores!


Girl A (Apple cider vinegar + Water)

For this method, I initially diluted 1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with 2 parts of water. I applied it every morning and night as a toner before the rest of my skincare routine. However, I noticed that I was getting cystic pimples (the big ones that you can’t burst), so I diluted it with 4 parts of water instead, and only applied it at night.

However, there were still pimples appearing so I decided to stop for a week to see if my skin gets better. And after stopping, my skin did get better! That was when I remembered why I had stopped applying ACV as toner in the past – I had also encountered the same problem. However, I do have sensitive skin so perhaps it is just not suitable for me. If you do a Google search for “ACV Toner”, you’ll see many other people who have tried and swear by it. Apparently, ACV toner has many benefits such as antibacterial properties and it helps to balance out your skin’s pH level. However, if you do a Google search on “ACV Cystic Acne”, you’ll also see the other side of things where many others had the same issue as I did.

In that span of time, I did not notice any significant difference in my pores! It was probably too short for anything to happen. If you’d like to try this method, I suggest doing a patch test to check if your skin works well with the ACV. Also, ACV has a very strong smell that some people do not like. This is more prominent when you’ve just applied it to your face. But once it dries up, the smell goes away.

Girl B (Lemon + Water)

Following the suggestions from this article, I decided to use lemon juice to try shrinking my pores. Here’s what my pores looked like before:


Sorry for the blurry photo, but you can see that I have pretty noticeable pores on my nose and cheeks. I squeezed half a lemon at the beginning of the experiment, and froze them into ice cubes to keep them for a month. On my masking nights, I let the ice cube melt, used a clean cotton pad to apply the juice to my face, and left it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Due to the acidity, I could feel my face tingling and stinging and I really didn’t enjoy those 5 minutes. I did this once a week, and here are what my pores looked like after a month:


Do you see a difference? I certainly don’t, and it’s not just because of the blurry photos either 🙁 Safe to say, this did not work for me! However, I’ve read many online reviews of how well this worked for others so you could still give it a try and let me know how it turned out. Looks like I’ll be experimenting with other, less tingly methods to achieve a smoother complexion!

Girl C (Turmeric + Rosewater)

The method I chose to try was to mix an equal portion of turmeric and rosewater into a paste (I used about 5ml of rosewater). I applied the mask twice a week, for a whole month. With this paste, I smeared it all over my face, leaving only my eyes and lips area untouched. Warning: It is VERY yellow.


Turmeric is VERY staining. From this one month of experimentation, the white towel I used turned yellow, and the bowl and spoon I used to mix the paste turned yellow. If you’re to try this for yourself, do use an old towel/bowl/spoon! When applied, my face had a tingling sensation which doesn’t go away until you wash it off after 10 minutes.

Here’s my face before and after:

I know the lighting isn’t very consistent here, but I haven’t noticed much of a change. My pores are the same as ever! However I’ve read a lot about the benefits of turmeric – it is known to whiten, exfoliate and smoothen skin, and it also helps with acne and dry skin. Perhaps one month wasn’t sufficient to see any results. I might continue on for another month or two to see how it turns out.


So here we have three natural methods to reduce appearance of your pores! Although it may not have worked that well, it might do better in the long term. Also you might want to do a patch test on your skin a day before applying them on your face directly, just in case your skin is too sensitive for that method!


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