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PSLOVE TRIES: Increasing Our Breast Sizes Naturally


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Boobs. We all have them, in varying sizes. These funny bags of fat have somehow evolved to become a symbol of femininity, and in today’s world of bodycon dresses, bikinis, and showing skin, it’s difficult for the less well-endowed to not feel left out. During our pubescent years, tips on how to grow bigger boobs spread like wildfire among the female population in school – “drink papaya milk everyday!”, or even “massage in this direction under a full moon before you sleep”. Now that we’re older and feeling like puberty missed us out, the Internet continues throwing the same, dubious, age-old advice at us, reigniting that flame of hope.

Three of us decided to put these to the test. We googled for the top few ways to increase our bust sizes naturally, and decided to try them out for a month. Where will these weird little rituals get us?


Girl A vs Papaya Milk


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Papaya and Milk. Two famous foods rumoured to increase a woman’s breast size.  According to science, papaya and milk are foods that are rich in estrogen, aiding those who suffer from hormonal imbalance (which is one of the reasons why our boobs are small). Estrogen as a hormone in itself helps to develop our boobs. But does it really work? 

I’ve decided to put it to the test by drinking papaya milk for one month. And the results are……. Nope. It didn’t help. Afterwards, I tried eating papaya fruit on its own too. But I did not see an obvious difference in my boob size sadly. 🙁

From this experiment, I have arrived to a few conclusions:

  1. The time period is too short to notice a difference or have an effect on my body – maybe I should try it for a year? A lot of time and determination is required for this though. If anyone is up for the challenge, do let me know the results of the experiment!
  2. Papaya and papaya milk may not be suitable for me and other types of estrogen-rich foods may be more effective for me. I heard that cheese is rich in estrogen too. And I LOVE cheese!
  3. Or maybe, it simply doesn’t help at all in increasing boob size. It is said that it helps in improving the skin and digestion though. I’m not sure about this as I did not take note of any difference in these two factors. I have heard of someone’s skin turning orange from eating too much papayas though. Not sure if it’s true but I’m pretty sure I’m not turning orange…yet.

But anyway since I am a fan of papayas, maybe I should really try this experiment for a year. Who knows? It might really work for me.

Girl B vs Chest Exercises


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There are all kinds of things on the internet relating to growing your breasts. From surgical procedures, to diet changes, all of them never seemed very appealing to me. (I mean, in the first place, increasing my boob size was never something that concerned me/crossed my mind.)

However, it was something that I got curious about every now and then.

Therefore, I took on the challenge of doing a set of chest exercises once every day, for about 3 weeks to see if there’d be any effect on my body! (Since its been said that the back and shoulder muscles actually play a huge role in the spatial orientation of your bust.)

By stretching and strengthening the back and shoulder muscles, it should help to lift my bust and enhance its size and firmness.

My exercise routine was as follows:

1. 20 reps of Palm Presses

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To do a Palm Press, sit down and clasp your hands together in front of your chest, with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, and your arms horizontal. Push your palms against each other for about 10 seconds, then release. Continue 20 times.


20 reps of Wall Presses

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A wall press is just like doing a push up but against the wall! Stand about 2 feet away from the wall, and place your palms against the wall at about chest height. Bend your arms and elbows down till you are almost touching the wall, then push yourself back to the start position. Continue 20 times.


20 reps of Chest Presses

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I don’t have heavy enough dumbbells to use, so I just substituted it with 1.5 litre water bottles that I filled up! It may not be heavy enough but…gotta make do!

Lie down on the floor (preferably on a mat) with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. With a water bottle in each hand, push them up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders (don’t lock your elbows), and your palm is facing up. Then, lower the bottles till your elbows are just slightly below your shoulders. Continue 20 times.

After 3 weeks of religiously doing all the chest exercises, I was a teeny bit disappointed to see that my bust measurements were still the same. (Then again, it could’ve been worse and gotten smaller.)

However, I do feel that my bust feels firmer and perkier; so I guess it wasn’t all that bad! 🙂


Girl C vs Fenugreek & Fennel Seeds


Before this experiment, I’ve never heard of fenugreek before! A quick Google search brought up dozens of websites gushing about the magic it can perform; other than breast enhancement, it’s also good for increasing lactation, improving digestion, and removing pimples. The same search also brought up two very discouraging facts:

1) eating fenugreek for a while may make you stink

2) its taste is .. shall we say, unique.

Fennel seeds were also frequently brought up as a helpful companion to fenugreek, and I already knew I didn’t like the taste. Anyhow, I went to get these 2 ingredients from the crazy maze of shelves in Mustafa. One of the websites recommended using ground, powdered versions of the 2 seeds for extra effectiveness, but I could not find fenugreek seed powder. I sampled a few fenugreek seeds straight out of the bag, bracing myself for the horrid taste I’ve heard of. Hmm, bitter, but manageable. However, after roasting it in a dry pan (another website recommendation) and grinding with a mortal and pestle, the bitterness and “herb-iness” intensified infinitely, and I could hardly manage to keep it down.

For a week, I mixed in a teaspoon each of the fenugreek/fennel concoction into my breakfast oats and grew increasingly more miserable after each bowl. And then, it happened. As I was removing my shirt to bathe, a waft of maple syrup smell floated by. Wait, what? After more Googling, I discovered that fenugreek makes your armpits smell like sweet breakfasty goodness!! That’s definitely something I could get behind.

I decided to hasten my misery and down a spoonful of each powder like I was taking pills, instead of ruining my breakfast. On the third day of this method though, my taste buds and oesophagus were like “OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH”. My stomach heaved and forced me to spit out the disgusting mixture into the sink. And that was was it. I just couldn’t bear to continue this self-inflicted torture anymore. This 1.5 weeks of fenugreek and fennel did nothing for my body, except to make breakfast something I dreaded.

Another thing to note, some websites recommended boiling fenugreek seeds in a pot of water and using the liquid mixture to massage your boobs twice a day. The thought of waking up early to awkwardly massage myself for an hour each day didn’t appeal to me, though it would have meant none of that offensive taste. Perhaps I would try it one day, when I have more time!


So, that’s what happened when we tried out these urban myths on increasing our boob sizes. Would they have worked if we managed to keep to them for a few months? Perhaps. But the tediousness of these methods and our laziness definitely overpowered our desire to have bigger boobs so that’s all we could manage.

Perhaps we could learn to love our bodies, small boobs and all.


Do you know a natural way to increase your cup size that worked for you? Please let us know!


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