PSLOVE TRIES: Growing Our Eyelashes!

There are many different ways to achieve longer lashes. From eyelashes extensions, to applying an eyelash serum, and even putting on fake eyelashes, the possibilities are pretty vast.

So, for this month’s PSLOVE TRIES, we decided to test out some of the methods that claim to produce longer lashes in a month!

Girl A (Castor oil + coconut oil + vitamin e oil)

I have typical Chinese short lashes that I can’t do much with, so I never bothered much about them. For this experiment, I googled “how to grow eyelashes naturally”, and got drawn to this search result – “Natural Eyelash Growth Serum” by Wellness Mama. Sounds great for a budget-conscious girl who can’t afford those expensive, branded serums!

The recipe called for 2 parts of castor oil to 1 part of coconut oil and 1 part of vitamin e oil. It also asked for an optional portion of emu oil which I left out as I’m working towards a cruelty-free lifestyle. I already had all these ingredients from my stint of making my own skincare products (read more here!) and just had to measure them out and stir them together. With an old mascara brush, I brushed this oily mixture from the roots to the tips of my eyelashes every night.

To be honest tough, I skipped it a couple of nights as I either forgot or only remembered when I was already in bed. There’s a price to pay for beauty, and getting out of bed was a price I wasn’t willing to pay.


The results:

Within the first 2 weeks, I started feeling like my eyelashes already looked a little longer, though it might have just been a placebo effect. Upon our final measurement 1 month after starting the experiment, my lashes had grown from 0.5mm to 0.6mm – a 20% increase isn’t too bad! Somehow the increase isn’t obvious in these photos, but the numbers don’t lie! There is hope after all! If I had been more disciplined with my application, I’m sure that the results would have been even more impressive. I’ll probably try it out for another few months & see if they can grow even longer!

Girl B (Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel)

Photo Credit:

A tube of this is pretty expensive, but I had one lying around from the time my mother got persuaded into buying 2 of them from a very convincing sales lady so I decided to put it to the test! I mean, if it costs so much, it’s got to produce some kind of results right?

The serum is a clear, odourless gel formula, and contains 12 plant extracts and silk protein as some of its ingredients. Also, according to its product description, I’m supposed to be guaranteed fuller, longer, and healthier eyelashes in just 28 days! (Plus, the reviews on this product are generally very positive.)

I wasn’t blessed with long, luscious lashes, and was also plagued with single, hooded eyelids. So, you can imagine how much I wanted this product to work.

The instructions for this product was to apply it twice a day, on the root of my lashes (both top and bottom) with the small yellow sponge at the end of the applicator, and also to brush the serum through my lashes with the ‘brush; so that’s what I did.

The results: 


Length wise, I was pretty disappointed with the results. Before this experiment, my eyelashes were bordering the 0.6/0.7cm mark. After a month, although it’s now a definite 0.7cm in length, I wouldn’t say it made much of a noticeable difference.

However, I do feel that my eyelashes have curled up ever so slightly, and do feel a lot healthier/stronger!

I guess as a conditioner to keep my eyelash hairs healthy and strengthened, or as a primer pre-mascara, the product isn’t too bad. But for it to cost so much and claim to guarantee longer and fuller lashes in just a month? I personally feel that that’s stretching it a bit too much.

Girl C (Olive Oil)

We’ve read about so many stories on how olive oil is good for hair, making them lush and shiny. And by hair, we mean eyelashes too! I chanced upon this article from The File which described the steps to take to get natural lashes like that:

Photo credits: The File

Her lashes are really voluminous, aren’t they? As an Asian, my eyelashes are naturally short and stumpy and point downwards, so I always get really jealous of people with lashes like that! I don’t use mascara because my eyelashes don’t stay curled and they always smudge beneath my eyes.

This time I decided to go with olive oil (it was either this or petroleum jelly, but I don’t have petroleum jelly) because it’s a household item that everyone would have.

So every night the past month, I applied extra virgin olive oil religiously to my eyelashes and my lash lines using a Q-tip, and then I go to sleep. I applied them to my lower lash line as well because I swear my bottom lashes are nearly non-existent. I didn’t skip a single night (*ahem* unlike Girl A). Proud of myself!

The results:


My eyelashes grew slightly (Probably around 1mm) and it became a bit fuller. I’m not sure if it’s psychological but I had new eyelashes sprouting at the bottom. So yes, I guess olive oil does work!

Update: An eyelash fell out the other day, so I measured it. Turns out that it’s about 9mm! That’s pretty long!

It’s not all perfect though; my eyes always sting when I wake up in the morning because some of the olive oil might have gone into my eyes. I’ve since ceased the experiment and I don’t get the stingy sensation anymore. If you’re trying it out, just be careful not to use too much oil when applying!

At the end of the day, beauty is only skin deep. So don’t fret if you don’t have long lashes! If all else fails, there’s always falsies 😉



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