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Period Horror Stories (Part II)

Period horror stories part II


This post is part 2 of our period horror stories post. Once again, know that you aren’t alone in your epic period experiences!



I was at my grandparents’ house with my whole family when I got my first period. I didn’t have any pads or tampons so I asked my grandma what to do. She was really happy and she started crying. She told me to just use some toilet paper, as she didn’t have anything with her. I came out of the bathroom and all my family members were smiling and hugging me. Apparently, my Grandma told them all I had my period! They were saying things like ‘I’m so proud of you! You’ve reached an amazing milestone!’…It was horrifying!

– Syasya


In another incident, I did not have enough sanitary pads to last a super heavy flow. I boarded the MRT with my boyfriend and we were en route to Vivocity for a movie. Halfway through the journey I felt a huge gush of ‘waterfall’ down there again (seriously….). I could feel my sanitary pad soaking up but evidently it wasn’t enough. It was leaking! I stayed super still and told my boyfriend that it was leaking and we had to rush to buy sanitary pads. When I got up, the seat had been stained with my menstrual blood and the hem of my dress as well! I panicked and told my boyfriend to get out quickly and had him walk directly behind me to shield the shameful stain on my dress. I was in such a bad mood, I was berating my poor boyfriend who was only trying to help. Sucks to be me… and my boyfriend I guess?

– Leia


Once I was at home preparing tomato juice and I felt like my period came, and by the time I realised it, the back portion of my skirt was a bit soiled. On being asked by my 7 year old boy I tried to say him in a funny way that I had spilled the tomato juice on my back, and he commented, “Mummy is so careless! :)”

– RT


Okay, this is a heart warming one. It happened during poly, I was with my boyfriend studying at his house. Then I realised that my menses came and I didn’t bring pads. My boyfriend was going down to the nearest NTUC to buy pads and I just sat inside the toilet waiting for him come back to save me. Before going out, he even asked which brand and size I wanted; how many boyfriends will do that? Now he has levelled up from boyfriend to fiance. When my menses comes, he will put his hand on top of my tummy to keep it warm so that I can sleep well at night.

– Summer


I was from an all girls school. I remember the time when my friends got their first period before me, they were complaining of cramps, dizziness and all sorts of pain. They couldn’t go for PE classes the young male PE teacher had no choice but to let them rest on the benches. At that time, I was teasing and mocking them. But karma struck me! It was a fine sunny day in school and I was happily listening to the teacher in class. The recess bell rang and we all stood up to bow to the teacher. AND DANG, one of my classmates from the seat just behind me saw a huge red patch on my uniform. ‘VIC YOUR PERIOD IS HERE!’ I was so embarrassed by it but oh well, everyone had a great laugh HAHA I will not forget this totally foolish yet funny first period incident.

– Vic


I was in the car of my friend when I realise I could be leaking. I was happily thinking in my heart that I was lucky to be wearing a black shorts that day. But I had forgotten that the seats in the car was mustard yellow! When I got out of the car, I was in a rude shock to see that the yellow seats were all stained!

– SoShy


I had coffee with my ex-school mates after lunch and I sat on a lounge chair (thank goodness it was black fabric!), the sort that you could lean comfortably back on with a downward angle. Thing is I had absolutely no clue that there was a leak, but it happened because of the angle of the chair! I felt strange when I stood up, and knew immediately something was wrong. To my horror, I had stained the chair and my clothes…in front of some guys I haven’t met in YEARS! It was fortunate no one noticed and I got away without being laughed at. But till today I feel bad for the cleaner who had to clear the mess I made that day 🙁

– Sodapopp


One night I dreamt it was flooding and I was struggling in the flood, I swam really hard. The moment I woke up, I felt lucky to have survived. And the next second, I realised that I had an overwhelmingly heavy period that night. It overflew and actually got my panties all wet. No wonder….

– Kelleysweetie


Every month of period I would need to take warm showers, specially turning up the temperature and focusing the shower head on my lower belly area. When I’m outside I would need painkillers. It was my first day of period at work and I realised I had forgotten to bring my painkillers and there was no way of finding a warm compression bag. As I sat in the toilet, the pain got more and more intense, my limbs starting to feel numb and broke out in cold sweat. At that moment I knew I shouldn’t stay in the cubicle anymore, right after I stood up and got out of the cubicle, my limbs felt even more numb, another lady saw me and asked if I was ok, before I said “I’m ok”, I sat down on the floor feeling painful and weak. It got so bad that I couldn’t move and the lady called ambulance. I was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed as “near syncope”.

– Angela


It was the first day of my period and I was in pain. Usually having some hot milo/chocolate would help to sooth the pain a little. Somehow it didn’t quite work out this time, and I could barely walk back to office from our lunch location even though it was less than 200m away. I was literally breaking out in cold sweat and I was gonna blank out any moment. In the end, my colleague had to drive me home to take painkillers and rest for the remaining day. It was truly unforgettable!

– cynphoni33

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