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Period Horror Stories (Part I)

Period Horror Stories Part I


In an attempt to normalise periods in our society, we thought that we should de-stigmatise this natural process by kickstarting period conversations with real life stories from you!

Some are hilarious, some are painfully embarrassing, and some are really scary. Nevertheless, we hope you resonate with some of these stories. Maybe you’ll realise you weren’t the only one with these experiences.



It was the last day of my period, and there hadn’t been any blood for the day so I decided not to wear a pad. I was taking the train home from school. I got a seat on the reserve seat even though my destination was just a few stops away… Bad move! I didn’t realise it until I got up and made my way to alight, but there was blood on the seat!!! The man sitting beside me looked disgusted and horrified. I didn’t know if I should go back and clean the seat. All I could do was to run out of the train. That was so embarrassing. And like any other period accidents, I had to use my sweater to cover the back of skirt. Moral of the story: Never EVER ditch the pads!

– Amira



Every month when my period is near, I will have bouts of diarrhea. I’d be lucky if I’m near a toilet but there was once where I was on a bus and I really needed to go. I alighted at the next stop and ran to the nearest toilet, and the minute I sat down my stomach went BALLISTIC! Imagine what could’ve happened if I didn’t have a toilet to go to?

There was another time where I stuck a heat pack (from another brand) on my tummy and halfway through the day I realised it was missing. I still have no idea where it went!

– IHatePeriods



“This happens every single time I have menses, EVER SINCE THE FIRST TIME – staining my shorts/skirt/school uniform/sports attire/bedsheets etc. Once, I was on my first clinical attachment at KK hospital. At the end of the day, everyone gathered in a room for debrief and I was happy. WAS. When I stood up, about to leave the room, I felt some cool feeling underneath and I looked at the chair. I stained it pretty badly. The chair was dark blue so I thought no one would see it, and I could clean up after everyone left. But as I walked out to take tissue, my supervisor projected her voice and asked “oh nooooo this looks like a stain, who is having their period???” (I guess they’re more open about it in KK hospital!) I hesitated for good 15 seconds and said it was me. Sigh, I really hope I’ll stop staining :”(

– Jewlz



Last month, I had the worst period cramps ever. My period is irregular so I’ll always be caught off guard. I was at work and I was down on my last menstrual panadol pill! I took the last one and was hoping for some sort of a blessing to last me till the end of the work day, but the cramps weren’t alleviated. To my horror, I wouldn’t stop bleeding when I was in the toilet! The entire toilet bowl was filled with blood and every time I got up, I could feel clots of blood coming out. I’m not sure how much toilet paper I used! It was horrifying; the whole cycle repeated thrice. I had to sit there for a whole 30 minutes for this entire fiasco to end. As if that wasn’t enough, I vomited twice afterwards. The loss of so much blood made me so lightheaded and weak that I eventually had to leave work to cab home. This was the worst period ever and the cramps went on till the fourth day. I had to take panadol twice a day, and it made me feel terrible to be a female and I hated myself for being so ‘weak’!

– Leia



There was this one time during my period, I was bathing in the toilet when my young boy opened the toilet door wanting to pee. He screamed and said, “Mummy! Why are you bleeding, your leg has blood!” He went to share this loudly with his daddy, and so his daddy says, “you make mummy angry, that’s why she is sick and bleeding” …………

– Yumi



When I had my period for the first time, I didn’t know how to use a pad properly. So I unknowingly used it the other way round, with the sticky part facing up!

– Xksamantha



A week before CNY this year, something horrifying happened. I took the MRT to meet my boyfriend. After my last message to him saying ‘I am on my way’, I FAINTED at the MRT platform and was sent to SGH by the ambulance. I was having super bad period cramps and backaches but that did not stop me from meeting my boyfriend. Well, we eventually met in the hospital A&E. A study meet up turned into a hospital visit. My chin is still scarred due to the fainting incident. From then on, I try not to leave home for the first 3 days of my period. My chin bandage was even mistaken for plastic surgery by my relatives during that CNY! I kind of have a phobia of menstrual cramps now.

– Xuan Ning



One day during class, I felt my pad overflowing with blood. I tried to feel to see if the blood had leaked through my skirt and it had. The announcements came on and I had to stand to do the pledge so I tied a sweatshirt around my waist. When I stood up I looked down and there was blood on the chair. I did what any panicky 13-year-old girl would do — I just left it there and went home. I made sure to switch my chair in the next class because I’m pretty sure the janitors didn’t clean it. I feel so bad for whoever had to sit in my chair for the rest of the year.

– Syasya




I was in school when I first got my period and my whole skirt was soiled, it was horrifying as I didn’t know what to do. Two senior girls came to rescue, they gave me their jackets as it was winters back in India and I tied their jacket around my waist and went to washroom to change the dress!

– RT



I went to my boyfriend’s house to prepare dinner for him. That was my first day of my period, the blood was running rapidly but I had already replaced a new tampon before I left my house, but then I realised the blood was dripping off onto the kitchen floor! The worst thing was that my boyfriend’s dog came over and licked the blood off the floor. OMG! In the end I managed to clean it up before my boyfriend saw it, but I feel so sorry for the dog. (p/s: from that day I stopped using tampons)

– Summer

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