PAD REVIEW: Yejimiin – Korean Sanitary Pads [건강한 예지미인]

Have you seen these Korean pads in the supermarket when you’re shopping for your period supplies? As with all things Korean, the packaging of these Yejimiin pads are really cute. The floral patterns on the packaging makes them look really feminine and modern at the same time. When I got these pads at the supermarket, there weren’t any English words on them except for ‘Cotton Touch/Silk Touch’, ‘Ultra Slim’, ‘Day Use’ and the herbal ingredients. For those who are wondering if these Yejimiin sanitary pads are any good, here’s my honest review! I’ll also attempt to translate the Koreans words on the packaging for you!

yejimiin pads

What are Yejimiin sanitary pads and how are they special?

I’m not too sure what Yeji means, but miin means ‘Beauty’ (as in a beautiful woman) in Korean. Yejimiin is a brand that focuses on women’s health, by starting with their herbal sanitary pads. Yejimiin was one of the first Korean brands to create sanitary pads containing herbs. It’s written on the packaging that “100% of the herbs used in the pad are obtained locally”, and the country of origin is South Korea.


yejimiin description

There are 5 herbs used in their pads – Ganghwa mugwort, motherwort, sophora, dang gui (angelica) and mint. You’ll smell a really strong herbal scent when you first open the packaging. I wouldn’t say it smells bad, but more of a healthy kinda smell. Some may not like the scent but I’m fine with it! This herbal scent is meant to mask the unpleasant odour of menstrual blood.

Benefits of Yejimiin Sanitary Pads

On the back of the packaging, 6 benefits are listed:

  1. Soft cotton cover for Cotton Touch variant & soft silk cover for Silk Touch variant
  2. Convex design of absorption core for comfort and great absorption
  3. Contains herbal ingredients to mask unpleasant odour – freeing you of worries
  4. Breathable film/cover
  5. Double the quality of the absorbent sheet for faster absorption
  6. Leakage protection lines all around to give you a peace of mind

Let’s dive deeper to see if Yejimiin is as good as claimed!

Yejimiin Pad Testing


Yejimiin Cotton Touch 25cm

yejimiin cotton touch wrapper design


Yejimiin Silk Touch 25cm

yejimiin silk touch wrapper design


The design of both the Cotton Touch and Silk Touch are the same, with the only difference being the material of the top layer. As you can see in the short clips, the Yejimiin Cotton Touch appears smoother than the Silk Touch, but the Silk Touch seems to be more porous (lots of small holes on the surface to absorb blood).



Next we’ll look at how absorbent or how fast blood is absorbed into the pads. We used fake blood in the videos below so don’t be freaked out! 🙂 We used our standard 7ml of fake blood – as that’s the average amount of blood lost in a day during a monthly cycle.

Yejimiin Cotton Touch


Yejimiin Silk Touch


As expected, most of the blood remained on the surface of the Yejimiin Cotton Touch after 13 seconds. The cotton material doesn’t absorb blood as quickly as dry net material, which is used for the Yejimiin Silk Touch. By 11 seconds, most of the blood has already seeped into the first layer.

yejimiin blood absorption on tissue

Look at how much blood was transferred from the top layer of the Cotton Touch onto the tissue! I guess the blood hasn’t had enough time to seep to the bottom of the pad yet. In contrast, the Silk Touch absorbed really quick and there’s hardly any blood transferred onto the piece of tissue.

The Yejimiin Silk Touch is a clear winner – I believe its absorption is far better than most other pads too!

My ratings:

Yejimiin Cotton Touch 2/5
Yejimiin Silk Touch 5/5

Leakage Protection

In this test, we see how well the Yejimiin pads fare in preventing leakages. Sometimes we might bleed more than usual or we might forget to change our pads, and the pad we’re using needs to be able to take the extra blood flow.

Yejimiin Cotton Touch


Yejimiin Silk Touch


The pads’ ability to prevent leakages is affected by their absorbency (or lack of). Because the Cotton Touch absorbs blood really slowly, it doesn’t prevent leakages at all. Can you imagine how the pad may hold up whenever you sneeze? Tons of blood will GUSH out and I doubt the pad can hold in all of that.

On the contrary, the Silk Touch doesn’t fare too badly because of quick absorption! The leakage/absorption lines don’t seem to help much though.

My ratings:

Yejimiin Cotton Touch 2/5
Yejimiin Silk Touch 4/5



These pads aren’t as comfortable as I thought they might be. For ladies with a sensitive lower region, I would advice you against getting the Silk Touch as it’s quite rough and, some might call it, “plasticky”. Despite its name, the Silk Touch isn’t that silky at all. The Cotton Touch fares much better in this area as it’s softer. However if you’ve tried Kotex Luxe, then Yejimiin is definitely not for you in terms of comfort.

My ratings:

Yejimiin Cotton Touch 3/5
Yejimiin Silk Touch 2/5


Should I try Yejimiin?

For those of you who don’t mind wearing pads that are a tad rougher, then I would say yes, try it! That’s because these pads have herbs in them to mask the fishy smell of period blood. Also some say that the herb mugwort helps with menstrual cramps! I’m not sure if that’s true but you may try to see if it works.

However for ladies who value comfort over anything else, then I’d suggest that you don’t try out these Korean pads. Also, if you don’t like the smell of Chinese/Korean herbs, don’t get these pads! Right now, with the pads about 1 metre away from me, I can still smell them.

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Disclaimer: These is just my honest opinion and may not necessarily be the truth, so do keep an open mind! 🙂


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