PAD REVIEW: Whisper Ultra Clean Ultrathin Pad – New vs. Old

Welcome to the next episode of JJ’s Pad Review! This time, we’ll be discussing the differences between the New and Old versions of Whisper Ultra Clean ultrathin pads. If you’re an avid Whisper fan, you’re gonna love the newest version in the market because it has 3X more absorbency, or so it claims. As for me, I used to be a huge Whisper fan but I swapped out because the dry net surface of the pad was too rough for my liking. However with this new update from Whisper, I *might* go back!


What is Whisper Ultra Clean?

New whisper ultra clean

New Whisper Ultra Clean (March 2016)

Whisper Ultra Clean is a product of P&G (Procter & Gamble) and it’s one of the most bought pad brands in Singapore. It’s an ultrathin pad, just like the others we reviewed here. You can identify the New version available in Singapore by its signature green packaging, now with a blue ribbon instead of the dark green previously. For those who were wondering, the latest version of Ultra Clean launched in March this year. It boasts 3 times more absorbency (compared to the previous version) and the most notable change is the “feather-like soft cover”. Indeed, if you touch the new pad you can feel a marked difference in the softness of the cover.

old whisper ultra clean

Old Whisper Ultra Clean (before March 2016)

The previous version of the pad was also known as Whisper Ultra Clean, and this was the version which many people commented that the surface felt “plastic”, causing discomfort and abrasion. Despite that, the absorption is actually pretty good, hence the reason why some women swear by the brand.


Whisper Ultra Clean – Packaging

whisperultra clean packaging

There’s no difference in the inner packaging of the Whisper Ultra Clean at all; same size, same material, same design. Familiarity breeds trust!


Whisper Ultra Clean – Pad Design

whisper ultra clean pad design

Despite the similarity in packaging, there’s a stark contrast in the design and the material of the pad. The new design looks more.. sophisticated now I would say? The material used previously is known as “dry net”, the opposite of cotton. In the New version, Whisper claimed that the cover is “feather-like soft – designed to be soft on your skin”. In my opinion, it’s not as soft as they claimed as it still has a slight rough texture to it. However it doesn’t have the “plasticky” feeling anymore so it’s definitely a step forward!


Whisper Ultra Clean – 7ml Test

We used 7ml of fake blood to test the speed at which blood gets absorbed. From the video, you can tell that all the blood is absorbed under the first layer of the surface within 10 seconds. For the blood to be fully absorbed, it took about 23 seconds, which is actually quite fast! The New Whisper Ultra Clean (on the right in the video) absorbed all the blood slightly faster than the Old version.

whisper ultra clean blood

There was more transfer (not much) with the New version compared to the Old – I reckon it’s because the New version has more cotton in it.


Whisper Ultra Clean – Fully Loaded

Next we wanted to test how much blood the pads can actually hold, and how likely is it for leakage to happen. We dripped another 24ml of blood into the pad. Watch the video to see how it went!

Old version


New version

So one clear difference we observed is that the New Whisper Ultra Clean absorbs blood faster than the Old Whisper Ultra Clean when there’s already 7ml of blood in the pad. We tried to aim the blood directly at the center so as to keep it consistent but it just wasn’t possible for the Old version as the blood just flows to the sides. This is a great improvement ’cause leakages are less likely to happen now. Considering that the pads do not have flowguards to prevent blood from flowing to the sides, both performed very well in preventing leakages, with the New version doing better than the Old. The “80,000 micro holes to absorb even heavy flow instantly” do help!

Whisper Ultra Clean pads with 31ml of blood

As for amount of blood the pad can hold, both fare similarly, with the New version doing a little bit better. Judging from the picture, the Old version looks like it’s going to get you some blood stains on inner thighs!


Whisper Ultra Clean – Squeeze Test

Upon applying pressure on the sides of the pad, it seemed like the fake blood was more fully absorbed in the New Whisper Ultra Clean. In contrast, the Old version doesn’t absorb the blood as well, although it’s not very obvious in the video.


Should I use the New Whisper Ultra Clean?

If you were like me – an ex-Whisper fan, I think yes! It might still be a little rough but it’s definitely an improvement from before. Whether it is 3x more absorbent or not, I’m not entirely sure but it is more absorbent for sure!


Here we go! I hope you liked the review and do leave your thoughts below if you’ve tried the new Whisper Ultra Clean! 🙂


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