PAD REVIEW: Sofy Compact

Hi girls! Yes you guessed it, another pad review! This time, we’ll be reviewing Sofy Compact. I’m not a fan of Sofy pads but I must say that these pads caught my attention while I was casually strolling down the Feminine Hygiene section in the supermarket.


I bought it just ’cause it looked pretty. Pads don’t usually look like that! So let’s put this pretty thing to the test, shall we?

What is Sofy Compact?


Sofy Compact is an ultrathin, just like the other pads that we have reviewed in a few of our previous articles. Sofy Compact prides itself on being handy – “Go handy anytime, anywhere.” and “Handy for your convenience” can be seen on the packaging. Their tagline is also really handy! “Go handy with pocket magic”. We get it already! Well it really is quite small and compact and it can easily fit into my purse/pocket/palm. So we have here the Day version (24cm) and the Night version (30cm). We won’t be testing the 21cm version as it’s likely similar to the 24cm one, just smaller.


Unwrapping was straight-forward – no extra pieces of paper to remove, just the wrapper on its own. It’s really compact isn’t it! But of course, with something so small, compact, extremely thin and handy, you would doubt if the pad is any good at all. Let’s find out!

Sofy Compact Day Wings 24cm


Here’s how the pad looks! The pad is so thin that even a piece of paper is thicker than this. I was surprised to find side guards/flow guards on the Sofy Compact. There’s a thin layer of cotton and in the centre, there’s a thick “Centre Absorb Core” which makes use of their Rapid Absorption Technology which is able to absorb a large volume even though it is ultra slim (as mentioned on the packaging). The “magic absorbent hole and fan shape back guard” absorbs instantly even during heavy days.

sofy compact information


We measured the length of the pad and it is about right, slightly shorter than 24cm. Pardon the fake blood! We forgot to measure it before starting the experiment.


Moving on to the test!

We tested to see how the Sofy Compact would fare with 7ml of fake blood, which is the average amount of blood lost in a normal day during your period. It took the Sofy Compact a little more than 12 seconds to absorb the blood in. I was a little disappointed at the “Centre Absorb Core” as I was expecting it to absorb the blood real quick once it hits the surface. Blood flowed down to the sides because the “Centre Absorb Core” was so thick and high. Thankfully the side guards were there to prevent the fake blood from overflowing.

Absorbency 3/5


I would give the Sofy Compact 24cm a 3/5 for absorbency as you can see above in the picture that not too much blood is transferred to the tissue. However the pad looks like it won’t be able to hold out any longer so regular changing is required. More frequent changing means more money spent on pads!

Protection 4/5

We also tested how much the pad can take without overflowing so here’s the video:

In total, 21ml of fake blood was used in the experiment. The pad was able to absorb a lot! The side guards help a lot in preventing blood from flowing over the sides. The front and the back are not that well protected though – it’s going to be very easy to leak from the ends of the pad.

And here’s how the blood looks like from the bottom. It’s extremely thin so you can see the blood clearly on both surfaces.



Comfort 5/5

The Sofy Compact deserves 5/5 for comfort because it’s so soft and smooth, and it’s made of cotton. It sits nicely on the underwear as it is slim. A friend who uses the Sofy Compact justifies it by its comfort, even though she has to change her pad multiple times a day.


Sofy Compact Night Wings 30cm

The 30cm looks almost exactly the same as the 24cm, just longer. And in case you were wondering, it is exactly 30cm.


In an overnight pad, the quality that we’re looking for is quick absorption and protection from movements while sleeping at night. Honestly, I don’t think that being handy and compact is going to help much for protection at night. Also an overnight pad doesn’t have to be handy and compact because we only use it while we’re at home and asleep. Let’s now move on to the Sofy Compact 30cm test.

Pardon the messy setup at the sides! For the overnight pad, it took less time for the fake blood to be absorbed, almost 9 seconds. It could be because the “Centre Absorb Core” is longer in the overnight counterpart. Again, the side guards saved the day by being there to stop the blood from flowing sideways.

Absorbency 2/5


Unfortunately the 30cm didn’t fare as well as the 24cm in absorption, mostly because a lot of the blood went down the sides. This is an issue because at night while asleep, we tend to move around a lot so it would be best if blood is absorbed as fast as possible. We don’t want it to leak and stain our beds, do we? It gets a 2/5 because there’s so much transfer, as you can see on the tissue.

Protection 3/5

Again, the side guards here do an awesome job in preventing blood from spilling over. However the first sudden gush of blood caused some to flow outside of the boundary, which means that the Sofy Compact 30cm may not be as protective as it seems. If the side guards stay too flat to the pad, then some blood may eventually flow over the side guards and leak on to your underwear and on to your pants and finally your bed. Especially if you sleep sideways. If you sleep on your back, you’re not safe either because there’s not much protection to prevent blood from flowing down the back of the pad.


And here’s how it looks like from the bottom. Very red and distinct.

Comfort 5/5

The Sofy Compact 30cm gets a 5/5 for comfort as well, like its 24cm counterpart as it’s made out of the same material and it’s extremely soft to the touch. Nobody likes wearing thick pads so it’s great that the Sofy Compact is so thin.


So.. Should I give it a go?

Well if you weigh comfort, convenience and handiness over everything else, then you should try it out. However do be wary that you may have to spend a tonne on these pads because they can’t hold too much blood so you have to change them frequently. Try it out and let us know how it went! 🙂

You can get Sofy Compact 21cm, 24cm and 30cm for $4.70 each at NTUC Fairprice/Watsons.


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