PAD REVIEW: New Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim

Good afternoon ladies! It’s a great day for another sanitary pad review. Today’s pad review is on the new Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim, which was only launched in Singapore 2 weeks back.

The Whisper Skin Love is scented, unlike the usual pads that we’re used to. One very obvious difference between Whisper Skin Love and Whisper Ultra Clean is that Skin Love has a soft and cushiony cover (top layer), whereas Ultra Clean is rougher and less cushiony. Let’s find out how well this new Whisper range performs in terms of absorption and comfort, shall we? 🙂


What is Whisper Skin Love?

Whisper skin love ultra slim

Left: 31cm for night time Right: 24cm for normal/heavy days

From information that I’ve gathered online and from the packaging, the selling points of the Whisper Skin Love are its “Soft Air Dry Cushion, 3x more absorbency, Unique odor control molecules and 1/3rd the thickness with a magic gel that absorbs 40x its weight”. But are these really true? Let’s find out.

Whisper Skin Love – Packaging 5/5

whisper skin love 24cm wrapper

Whisper Skin Love Normal/Heavy 24cm

whisper skin love 31cm wrapper

Whisper Skin Love All Night 31cm

The moment I tore open the outer packaging, I caught a whiff of the smell of detergent – a clean smell. It’s the same scent for both 24cm and 31cm. I must say it does smell kind of nice and fresh. The wrapper is really pretty and feminine too.

Whisper Skin Love – Comfort 5/5

whisper skin love 24cm pad design

Whisper Skin Love 24cm

whisper skin love 31cm

Whisper Skin Love All Night 31cm

Whisper skin love pad surface texture

Texture of the surface of the pad

The design of the pad is rather simple, nothing fancy. It’s as thin as the usual Whisper pads but softer. Not sure if you can tell from the texture of the surface, but it’s made of cotton, unlike the usual dry net that we’re familiar with. Cotton is also more comfortable but the trade-off is that it is less absorbent than the dry net.

Whisper Skin Love – Absorbency 3/5


As you can observe, the Whisper Skin Love in 24cm isn’t that absorbent despite the claim that it has 3x more absorbency. At around 18 seconds, the fake blood looked like it wasn’t going to absorbed further. I’m really curious as to what this “3x more absorbency” really means because it’s comparing itself with some other pad which I’m unaware of. However for an average flow of 7ml of blood a day, this pad is absorbent enough to sufficiently take in all blood lost in a day (although it would be a lot cleaner to change your pad at least twice a day!), also considering how thin the pad is.


Whisper skin love 24cm tissue test absorbency

A lot of fake blood was transferred from the surface of the pad onto the tissue when we applied just a little pressure on top of the pad, showing yet again that the Whisper Skin Love is hardly “3x more absorbent”.


Whisper Skin Love All Night in 31cm performed similarly to the 24cm in terms of absorption. The only difference between the 24cm and the 31cm pad is its length, and we’ll see if this extra 7cm is enough to prevent leakages at night.

Whisper Skin Love – Leakage Protection 2/5

When testing for leakages, we tilted the pad vertically and horizontally to see how quickly blood can be absorbed beneath the surface of the pad. This is to mimic our movements in real life.


We first started with the Skin Love 24cm. Well, I’d be really scared to wear this pad for an entire half a day because I’ll definitely get blood on the ends of my pad (which equates to getting blood on my undies). The flow guards barely helped to prevent blood from crossing over to the sides!


With the Skin Love 31cm, I’d be even more afraid to wear it overnight. I can still wear the 24cm if I remember to change my pad every 5 or 6 hours but I wouldn’t trust the 31cm with my life. I tend to move quite a lot when I’m asleep, so unfortunately I don’t think that this pad will suffice.

Should I try the Whisper Skin Love?

If you’ve been using Whisper all along, I’d recommend that you try the Whisper Skin Love as there are many rave reviews about it as it was first launched in the Philippines. It’s really comfortable, the packaging is really pretty, and it’s scented! However if you tend to leak all the time, or if you have heavy flows, this pad is not for you.

Hope this review was helpful for you! Also do note that this is only my opinion, so please don’t take it as the truth! 🙂

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