Pad Review: New Kotex Super Overnight 41cm

We’re back again with a new pad review! If you’ve seen our ultrathins review and our premium ranges review, you’ll be no stranger to our pad reviews. This time, it will be on Kotex’s new range of pads, called the Super Overnight Pads. It boasts 4-Way Total Protection to help trap leakage, and it’s 41cm long. Let’s try and see if it’s as good as it claims!


Wow it’s huge..


4-Way Total Protection

Before we begin, let’s have a look at what exactly is this 4-Way Total Protection.


  1. 3x Anti-Leak Lines – These lines will trap leakages when the blood flows to the back while you’re asleep.
  2. Longer & Wider Defense Guard – Basically these are just large back wings to provide more back protection.
  3. 3x Side Flowguards – The side flowguards act like walls to prevent leakage from the side.
  4. Overnight Rapid Absorb Core – The core absorbs blood fast in the event of heavy gushes at night.

Here’s the pad with the features labelled:




The pad comes in a cotton packaging, which reminded me of the previous Whisper Ultra packaging. Unwrapping it was straight-forward but I was really surprised by the size of the pad.



We measured the pad and unfortunately, it’s at 40cm, not 41cm. However this was after we stuck it to the table, so it could be 41cm from end to end.

Pad Test

Overnight Rapid Absorb Core

Let’s now proceed with the pad test! First we tested to see how long it took for 7ml of “blood” to be absorbed at the Overnight Rapid Absorb Core.

As you can see from the short clip above, it took only 8 seconds! Well we did take our time while releasing the blood from the syringe but you can see from the clip that the blood was absorbed almost instantly after touching the pad. So yes, this claim:

Overnight Rapid Absorb Core – Speedily absorbs and locks away sudden heavy gushes overnight.

is true.


3x Side Flowguards

We loaded the pad up with blood (we were on our 30th ml of blood in this clip) just to see if it will start to overflow, and we also wanted to test the flowguards.

In the clip above, after we applied some force to the pad to move the blood to the sides, you can see that the flowguards did prevent blood from leaking to the sides, but upon touching the flowguards, my finger was slightly damp. So if you sleep on your side at night while wearing this pad, I wouldn’t say that this pad lets you feel dry underneath as blood doesn’t get absorbed at the flowguards.

3x Side Flowguards – 3 layers of cottony side flowguards means triple the side leakage protection all night long.

It’s true to an extent, but it’s not quite absorbent enough!


3x Anti-Leak Lines

On our 40th ml of blood, we tested the effectiveness of the 3x anti-leak lines to see if it really traps leakage when blood flows down the back.

We tilted the pad at an angle to let blood flow down the back, and lo and behold! The blood flowed past the first anti-leak line really quickly, but I must say that I was really impressed by the speed at which blood was absorbed by the pad in general. We didn’t quite have enough blood to use so we couldn’t test the effectiveness of the remaining 2 anti-leak lines. The flowguards at the side do help to make sure that blood stays within the pad.

3x Anti-Leak Lines – Designed to help trap leakage not once, not twice but thrice within the triple back ant-leak lines.

I would say that the lines don’t help much with heavy gushes but they do serve as an obstacle for blood flow.


My Thoughts

If you’re a fan of ultra-long pads for overnight, I would recommend this pad as one of your choices as it does what it claims to do. One other benefit I must highlight again is that it absorbs blood really quickly. I won’t be comparing this with other pads as I haven’t got the chance to test them yet. But do stay tuned for our overnight pads review!

Score: 8/10. My only gripe is that the surface of the pad was still damp after 7ml of blood was used. Also the flowguards do not absorb much blood.


Have you tried the Kotex Super Overnight pad yet? What are your thoughts on it? 🙂

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