PAD REVIEW: Softex Hello Kitty Pads!

Softex Hello Kitty Pad Review

As soon as there’s a Hello Kitty design on something, something inexplicable just happens that makes you want need that particular item, regardless of whether you need it or not. I used to think of myself to be someone who’s pretty rational when it comes to retail decisions, and I thought that I’d never stoop to the level of buying something just for the sake of a cute cat. Note how the past tense was used in the previous sentence, and this is unfortunately due to these Hello Kitty pads that were simply too cute to resist. I’m sure you’ve come across these pads somewhere, and have experienced that little voice at the back of your mind chanting “buy it! buy it!”, so today we’re going to be seeing if these pads are indeed worth the try, or if their only redeeming quality is the packaging.

The pads we are trying out today are all from the same brand, but are from different ranges:

1. Softex Light Airy 24cm

2. Softex Slim Fit 23cm

3. Softex Comfort Slim 23cm

And like our other pad reviews, they will be assessed on the criteria of:

1. Design

2. Absorbency

3. Dryness


Softex Hello Kitty Pad

1. Packaging

The packaging for all three ranges are to die for, I mean, just look at them! The Light Airy and Slim Fit also came in a thicker plastic packaging than your normal pad, which gave it a nice, sturdy feel. However, looking at the individual packaging of each pad, the comfort slim came in one of those crinkly plastic covers that some of us may not like, I’m personally not a fan of this material as it makes it difficult to re-wrap your pad when you want to dispose of it.

2. Pad Design

The Light Airy is the only ultrathin of the bunch, with it being significantly thinner than the other two pads, but even so it’s not as thin as other ultrathins in the market. Both the Slim Fit and Comfort Slim have that thick cottony feeling that a lot of older pads had, and they both have very similar designs, just that Slim Fit has deeper side ridges than Comfort Slim. Considering the fact that both of them are the same length, are for the same type of flow (regular), and have almost identical designs, the only difference between the Slim Fit and the Comfort Slim may be that Slim Fit has a My Melody print, while Comfort Slim has a Hello Kitty one. The wing size and shape are quite similar across all ranges and are pretty standard, without being too small.

The only one that had Hello Kitty designs on the pad itself was Light Airy, while the other two were just your typical plain white pad. This was a huge turnoff for me, because if you buy a pad because of the Hello Kitty design, there should at least be some of that design on the pad itself, rather than on just the packaging. So one strike against both the Comfort Slim and Slim Fit.


Absorbency was tested by squirting 5ml of fake blood onto the pads, and then seeing how fast the blood was absorbed into the pad, while taking note of how much of the blood was transferred to the back of the pad, such that they pad has greater capacity to absorb more blood. The containment of blood was also a factor we took into consideration, as better containment of blood would mean that blood flow is directed to the core of the pad, rather than allowing it to leak out from the sides.

Softex Hello Kitty Pad Light Airy 24cm

Softex Hello Kitty Pad Slim Fit 23cm


Softex Hello Kitty Pad Comfort Slim 23cm


1. Speed of Absorbance and Transfer for Blood

The Light Airy undoubtedly had the fastest absorption out of the three pads, but that said, it still isn’t comparable with other ultrathins in the market. With it’s cottony surface, it did not allow for very quick uptake of blood, and the blood stayed on top of the pad for quite some time. However, blood was transferred to the back of the pad effectively, once it had been absorbed. The Slim Fit and Comfort Slim fared similarly in terms of absorption though, both absorbed the blood really slowly, probably because of the thick cotton material that the pads were made of. And even after absorbing, the blood was not transferred to the back of the pad efficiently, once again because of the dense material.

2. Containment of Blood

The containment of blood for these pads were surprisingly good though, the Light Airy managed to direct the flow of the blood such that it did not flow to either side of the pad. And the Slim Fit and Comfort Slim pads had deep ridges to keep blood contained. So this should provide good protection against leakage.


We tested dryness by blotting a tissue paper on the pad after 1.5 minutes, and leaving it on for 30 seconds using a constant weight.

1. Transfer onto Tissue

As you can see from the pictures, there was most transfer for the Light Airy, and I did not expect this result as it was the most absorbent pad. Maybe this happened because the material of the pad itself is simply thinner than the other two pads, without using any of the more sophisticated pad tech that other ultrathins use. As a result, the blood can just as easily resurface once some pressure is applied to the top of the pad. But this is just my theory, so take it with a pinch of salt. The other two pads fared slightly better, probably because the thick cotton is good in ensuring that the top of the pad stays dry.

Overall Verdict:

Doing these tests confirmed my worst nightmares that cute pads are ultimately not the most functional. These pads are definitely cheaper than your other regular brands, but I’d say that getting a good pad for a slightly higher price is better than getting a dirt cheap pad. If I had to choose amongst these three I tested, I guess I’d have to go for the Light Airy, but I won’t call it a “champion”, because doing so is honestly just calling it the best of the worst (Sorry, Softex!). And I base this decision simply on the fact that there are designs on the Light Airy pad, while there are none on the other two pads.

Sorry to burst your bubble, guys. I know, I’m disappointed too (who wouldn’t want to use Hello Kitty pads?)! But unfortunately, from these tests, it is obvious that these pads are simply no where near the best options for your monthly use, and I’d much rather stick to my other regulars.

Have you tried these Hello Kitty pads? And if you have, what has your experience been like? Leave your thoughts in the comments box down below and share them with us! 🙂


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