Pad Review: Battle of the Ultrathins (SG market)

Update 28 March 2017: There’s a new version of Laurier Super Slimguard, and Whisper Ultra Clean.

You know, sometimes pads feel like diapers, and you can’t help but feel like a toddler time and again.

That’s why I like using slim and ultra slim pads. They feel so much more comfortable. I remember I was in the first few years of Period-hood when I first started using super slim pads (Laurier Super Slim Guard FTW). It felt so much better, like there was nothing there at all. Good for all active ladies out there!

On another note, Peck and I have been talking about the differences between pad brands of late. Peck herself is a loyal Whisper user (Whisper fans, please stand up) and I myself, well, I’m not particularly brand loyal. (I regularly use a mix of Sofy, Kotex, Laurier, and sometimes Yejimiin.)


Anyway, the title says it all. It’s all about Ultra Thin & Super Slim this Thursday!


Super Slim, Ultra Thin.

 Which is the one pad that is above the rest?

The pads we reviewed were:

1. Whisper Ultra Regular, 24 cm

2. Laurier Super Slim Guard (SSG for short), 22.5 cm

3. Laurier Safety Comfort Ultra Slim, 22.5 cm

4. Kotex Ultrathin, 23 cm

5. Sofy Extra Dry Ultra Slim, 25 cm


*These aren’t all the ultraslim pads that are currently available in the Singaporean market right now, but you can imagine that each brand manufactures its pads in almost the same way.

The observable features to use for our comparison:

1. Quality of wrapper and sticker

2. Paper lining which protects the adhesive sides

3. Dry net or Cotton top layer?

4. Size of Wings

5. Side leak protection

6. Adhesive backing


1. Quality of Wrapper and Sticker

"Tissue paper" wrapper of Sofy's Extra Dry pad.

“Tissue paper” wrapper of Sofy’s Extra Dry pad.

Whisper's paper lining is separate from the wrapper - but hey, nice color!

Whisper’s paper lining is separate from the wrapper – but hey, nice colour!

Wrapper: I really liked Sofy’s Extra Dry “tissue texture” paper wrapper. It’s outer wrapper was so soft, and the best part is that it wouldn’t make those irritating crinkly noises that you get while tearing the wrapper open! Another interesting wrapper was Kotex’s Luxe – HOT PINK. Usually we’d like to keep our pads out of sight – but this one is simply shouting for attention.

Whisper’s wrapper has a unique green colour, but did you know that the pad within is separate from the wrapper outside? Most other pads are directly affixed onto the outer wrapper, but not for Whisper. So the pad might drop out while tearing open the wrapper, and then you’d have to remove the paper lining from the pad. For me, that is pretty troublesome.

For the wrapper, I give Sofy 5 Stars. 


Pad Sticker

You need enough enough stick area on both surfaces for it to work, right?

Sticker: Have you ever had the situation whereby  the sticker does not have enough sticky surface to stick your wrapper together? Well, Whisper’s Ultra pad stickers are nice and long, with more than enough sticky surface being exposed to do its job. Laurier’s stickers are pretty decent too (and really sticky).

Whisper triumphs in the sticker category!


2. Paper Lining That Protects the Adhesive Sides

There are two types of pads – one whereby the adhesive paper lining is glued to the outer wrapper, so you can use one smooth action to take your pad out from the packaging, and the other whereby the lining is not glued to the outer wrapper, so you have to take out the outer wrapper, then remove the paper lining, then take out your pad. I’m talking about you, Whisper Ultra and Laurier Ultrathin.

Laurier SSG

Laurier SSG’s paper lining comes off together with the outer wrapper – easy!

In this matter, Laurier (both SSG and Ultraslim), Sofy Extra Dry, and Kotex Luxe have do a good job of gluing the lining to the outer wrapper, to make unwrapping so easy and convenient for us women on our periods! It’s really inconvenient to have to do spend more time changing your pad – not that I want to anyway.

For unwrapping, anything but Whisper.

3. Dry net or Cotton top layer?

Whisper Pad Exposed

Dry Net of Whisper’s pad

Laurier Ultrathin

Cotton Layer of Laurier’s Ultrathin. Deep side grooves for extra protection too! (read more under point 5)

I know some prefer Dry Net layers, while others think Dry Net layers are too rough on their skin. (BTW, the new pads released onto the market have been featuring softer Dry Net layers. Yejimiin calls its Dry Net layer “Silk Touch”. Personally I don’t find Dry Net layers very “silky”!) Then there is the Cotton top layer camp, but some say it does not work as well as the Dry Net.

Summary of material of top layer of the pads:

Dry Net – Whisper and Kotex Luxe

Cotton – Laurier SSG, Ultraslim, and Sofy Extra Dry

4. Size of Wings

Whisper and Laurier Wing Comparison

Laurier vs Whisper: Side by Side wing comparison – Whisper pads always have big wings.

Firstly, what do we mean by big wings? We mean that the wings are longer in terms of length and width, so that when you wrap it around your underwear, you feel more secure. (And hey, more side protection)

So, if you are like Peck, and you prefer wings that give you more protection on the sides, then you should go for Whisper. Whisper pads in general have distinctively large wings, that will ensure that all stains are contained within the pad itself.

However, if side leaks aren’t an issue for you (lucky girl, you), then you can opt for smaller wings, like those of Laurier’s. Although smaller, these wings do their job of keeping your pad in place, and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Medium sized wings are for people who do not have any extreme preference, so you can opt for Sofy Extra Dry or Kotex Luxe.

5. Side Leak Protection

Kotex Luxe Side Gathers

The flap that you see on the left is Kotex’s side gathers!

Sofy Extra Dry

Sofy Extra Dry comes with a cotton layer, and has pretty deep grooves too!

Other than wings, all pads these days must feature a strong side leak protection. These come in either side grooves or side gathers.

Kotex Luxe is different from the rest of the ultraslim pads because of its side gathers. Usually side gathers add on some thickness to the pad, so it is interesting to see that ultraslim pads can pack in side gathers. Besides Kotex, Sofy has a range of side gather pads, and its very own ultraslim side gathers.

Side grooves act as channels to bring blood flow to the front and back of the pad. Laurier’s ultraslim pad has deeper side grooves than others, and also another set of side grooves along the edge of the pad to act as a double barrier.

For some visible security – I choose Kotex.


6. Adhesive backing

Adhesive is important to keep your pad in place when you move around so much!

Whisper – Adhesive backing comes as one big rectangular area of adhesive

Laurier – Adhesive backing comes as many thin stripes that cuts horizontally across the pad

Kotex and Sofy – Adhesive backing comes as a few vertical lengthwise stripes


So here’s what we have to say about the different ultrathin pads thus far! We are excited to try them out to see how different each of these are, and to compare all of them in one Period. (:

What is your fave ultrathin? Do comment below!



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