PAD REVIEW: Adore Sanitary Pads

I’m finally back with another pad review! Yes, I became a menstrual cup convert (read about my full experience here), but I’m still testing all these pads for you ladies! Today’s pad review will be on Adore Sanitary Pads.

Adore sanitary pads? What adore?

Most of you would know of the four big sanitary pad brands (Kotex, Laurier, Sofy and Whisper), but there are also a couple of smaller pad brands in the Singapore market, like ADORE by Takara Holdings. So today, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the range of Adore pads!

range of adore sanitary pad

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What is Adore and who is it by?

“ADORE’s breakthrough technology features green compound strips bonded with far-infrared rays and nano Ag?, emits around 6100cm3/s (100 to 150cm2/s) of highly concentrated negative ions to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, promote freshness and improve feminine hygiene.” – Takara Holdings

It appears that these pads are made up of lots of science and should be good for you. But what do terms like “green compound strips bonded with far-infrared rays and nano Ag?” and “negative ions” even mean?

Far-infrared rays are known to have some health benefits such as detoxification and promoting blood flow, while nano Ag (nano silver) has anti-bacterial properties and is commonly used in sanitary products. Negative ions, or anions, are said to eliminate bacteria and odour.

A signature “green compound strip” is present in all of Adore’s sanitary napkins, and this is supposedly where all the good stuff is.

adore green compound strip

Takara Holdings Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company, owns Adore and they have operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and China.


Adore Pad Tests

Adore dreamy nights and adore active days

I’m not sure if the nano Ag, far-infrared rays and negative ions help in any way as I don’t have any proof, but I can test these Adore pads to see if they’re any good at being a sanitary pad (i.e. to keep blood in place).

We have here two types of Adore pads – Adore Active Days (24cm) and Adore Dreamy Nights (33cm). Let’s get on with the experiments!


Adore Active Days 24cm

Adore Active Days is a pad for day use, as the name suggests. It is 24cm long, a standard length for most day-time pads.


The very first question you’ll ask when buying a new type of sanitary pad is, “How comfortable is it?”. It’s definitely the most important question ’cause it’s going to be in contact with your sensitive lady parts for 5-7 days.

adore sanitary pad closeup

I love the texture of the pad! It’s really soft. The top layer is made of cotton, while the bottom layer is not as plasticky as most other pads. The pad is ultra thin as well, so you don’t have to worry about its bulkiness.



The other most important consideration is the amount of blood that can be absorbed and how quick the absorption is. Let’s have a look below!


Looking at the clip, the Adore Active Days 24cm fares pretty well, absorbing 7ml of fake blood in 16 seconds. By absorb, I mean the blood seeping beneath the first layer of the pad surface. Cotton absorbs pretty quick but it doesn’t retain liquid within the pad as well as pads with dry net surfaces do, which brings me to my next point:


Quite a significant amount of blood was transferred when I tapped lightly on the pad using a piece of tissue paper. This means that much of the blood has not seeped through the second layer of the pad yet.

adore active days 24cm

What this means to you as a user is that as you go about your day sitting and standing repeatedly, the absorption process might be slower. This would make it slightly icky down below.


Leakage Protection

A pad’s basic function is to protect you from leakages right? Usually most pads have side guards (or flow guards) and anti-leak lines to prevent any accidental flows over the edge.

Adore’s Active Days has side guards, and they work pretty well. The absorption was fast enough such that none of the blood flowed over the top/bottom of the pad. Check out the video below!


I’ll summarise my verdict at the end of the article so do read on! The next bit will be on Adore Dreamy Nights, the overnight version at 33cm.


Adore Dreamy Nights 33cm

The Adore Dreamy Nights looks exactly the same as the Active Days, just a little bit longer.


adore dreamy nights

The thickness of Dreamy Nights is the same as that of Active Days, so the only difference is the extra flap at the bottom to secure the pad to your undies. The 33cm is as soft as the 24cm, which I love!



For a pad that you’ll be wearing to sleep, it’s absolutely necessary for it to be able to absorb blood really quick especially if you’re a side-sleeper. With Adore Dreamy Nights, it does look trustworthy enough!


The Dreamy Nights took around 15 seconds to absorb 7ml of blood aimed at the center. I’ve seen better performing pads like the Sofy Extra Dry but there’s always a trade-off! The Dreamy Nights is not too bad for overnight use, considering that it’s really thin and cottony soft.


There was a lot of blood transferred on to the tissue paper for this one – probably because all the blood was concentrated in the middle. You’ll want to make sure not to squish it while sleeping!


Leakage Protection

When it comes to sleeping, it’s always a risk to wear a new pad to sleep if you’re the type to move around a lot while asleep. Let’s see how the Adore Dreamy Night holds up for overnight use!


Luckily for everyone, the Adore Dreamy Nights does seem to have just sufficient protection against leakages from the sides. For back-sleepers however, I’m not sure if the pad will hold up! There doesn’t appear to be anything on the pad obstructive enough to prevent overflowing to the back. I’m also a little skeptical on whether the side guards are able to contain all the blood; after all I’m a side-sleeper myself!



Adore Active Days 24cm

Comfort: 5/5
Absorption: 3/5
Leakage Protection: 3/5


Adore Dreamy Nights 33cm

Comfort: 5/5
Absorption: 3/5
Leakage Protection: 3/5

Adore Dreamy Nights won the “Best Sanitary Pad for Overnight Use” category for the Cleo Body Awards in 2016, so I suppose it must be something!

I’m a huge fan of the material used but I’m not too sure if such a thin pad is able to hold up during my occasionally heavy flows. Do note that this is just my opinion so do try it out for yourself if you’re curious! 🙂

For those who wish to purchase the range of Adore pads, you may get them at Watsons or Sheng Siong Singapore and they’re retailing at these prices:

Adore Comfort All Days 13 pcs – S$4.90 (a set of 3 types of pads)
Adore Active Days Ultra Slim 16 pcs, 24cm – S$5.85
Adore Mini Ultra Slim 18 pcs, 19cm – S$5.40
Adore Dreamy Nights 8 pcs, 33cm – S$4.65

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