Never Fear the Gym

Written by Veronica Ang, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Made Real, for PSLove.

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I have started doing circuit training in the gym because firstly, it incorporates cardio into my workout and secondly, is very time-efficient. It still accomplishes its purpose of getting the heart rate up, aka healthy heart, AND on top of that, burns calories.

When it comes to circuit training, you can be creative and play around with the training a little. For example, instead of doing an exercise for x number of reps, you can do it for 30 seconds. You can also follow that exercise with a cardio-based exercise like jumping jacks/burpees. Here is my version of a circuit training for the legs.


How this warm up goes:

Do exercise 1 for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds.

Then do exercise 2 for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds

Do the same for exercise 3 & 4

Complete 3 sets of this warmup set and you’re good to go!


bodyweight squats




squat jumps




Again, remember to choose a weight that is suitable for you to get through 8-12 reps!

1. Goblet squats to calf raises

calf raise

First, get down into a goblet squat.

goblet squat

On your way up, go up into a calf raise.

Reps: 15 Sets: 3-4

2. Walking lunges to high knee run

walking lunge

Here’s how a walking lunge looks like. Do 10 walking lunges per leg (aka 20 steps), and then finish up that set with 20 high knee runs.

Repeat for 3-4 sets, however much you can handle 🙂

3. Calf presses to air skipping

air skipping

air skipping

Talk about death of the calves.

Do 20 calf presses, followed by 50 airskipping. That’s 1 set.

Repeat for 3-4 sets.

4. Glute bridge pulse to donkey kicks

Do 20 reps of this:

glute bridge

Followed by another 20 reps of this:

gulte bridge

Your butt should burn. Like really burn. Repeat for 3-4 sets. AND THAT’S ALL! You should be in a puddle of perspiration by now if you pushed yourself hard enough. On to the stretching!



You’ve worked much of your calves, gluten and quads today, so let’s stretch them out!


calf stretch


glute stretch


quad stretch

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds x 2 sets on each leg.


WELL DONE! Give yourself a tap on your shoulder, nurse some muscle aches and wait for the next circuit workout. If you have any questions or comments of the above work out, feel free to leave your comments below.

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