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NeckHeat is now in Guardian!

More than a year after MenstruHeat entered the shelves of 120 Guardian stores in Singapore, we’re proud to announce that NeckHeat has joined her sister!

Here’s all you need to know about NeckHeat.

What is NeckHeat?


Sitting at your desk for long hours can cause neck and shoulder aches. NeckHeat is a natural heat therapy patch that effectively reduces those aches and pains, offering all-day comfort.

NeckHeat is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic – its unique shape allows it to fit snugly on the curves of the neck and shoulder.

Because it doesn’t contain medication, using NeckHeat doesn’t have any side effects. It is odourless, discreet, and perfect for use in the office. It provides quick & convenient relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature, lasting for at least 12 hours.


How does NeckHeat Work?

about NeckHeat

1. Can be split in the center for flexible use

For people with broader shoulders, or for relief at targeted areas of the neck or shoulder, you may split NeckHeat into two along the perforation and place the two sides where they’re needed. Each side is made to produce consistent and sufficient heat even when split, so you still get effective pain relief.

2. Medical-grade adhesive

The adhesive is secure, comfortable, and soft on your skin. It is fuss-free, and peeling it off your skin is easy and clean.

3. RealHeat Technology 

We have optimised the ingredient mix to produce just the right amount of heat to relieve neck aches & shoulder pain. The ingredients are iron, activated carbon, water, salt & vermiculite (mineral) – non-medicated ingredients that won’t cause any side effects!

4. Fast-heating material for quick relief 

Once removed from the packaging and upon contact with air, NeckHeat begins heating up within 5 minutes. This heat is sustained for up to 12 hours long! 

The cotton surface, layered with a porous membrane, controls adequate amount of air into the mix so that the heat can be released at a pace that is not too intense for the skin.

How to Use

how to use NeckHeat

If you prefer less heat or have sensitive skin, paste NeckHeat on top of your shirt. We recommend this for those trying NeckHeat for the first time. If you prefer higher heat for more intense pains, paste it directly on your skin.


how to use NeckHeat

For more targeted pain relief, you can also paste it just over one shoulder or split it along the perforation to paste on both shoulders separately.


caution For safety, remove NeckHeat for 5 minutes after every hour of use to let your skin rest. Prolonged contact to low heat may cause burns or blistering.
NeckHeat caution Make sure that you do not use NeckHeat while sleeping.


Still unsure about the effectiveness of NeckHeat? Hear from our happy users and how it has helped them with their daily lives!

“This is a great product, truly godsend and has helped with my persistent aches.” – Nisa Hassan

“It helps to relieve my ache and I feel better the next day.” – Maisarah

“NeckHeat is a good and useful product, it’s long-lasting and works well for relieving strains and aches. I buy them for myself, mum and dad, now aunts and grandparents too!” – Isabel Ong

“NeckHeat helps me to unwind after a long day at work. The heat is comfortable and soothing enough to be applied directly to the skin for an extended period of time.” – Karen Kong

“NeckHeat helps me to increase the blood circulation and ease the neck pain without medication. Thank you :)” – Anonymous

“A convenient, odourless method of easing neck and shoulder aches. Definitely a good idea if you’re stuck at a desk all day :)” – Hazirah

If you’re looking for a convenient and effective solution to your neck & shoulder pain, head down to a Guardian store near you now! You can find the store list here.

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