Nail Polish Giveaway with Nail Deck: Pretty Nails for Christmas

A few days back, my colleagues (Wan Yi and Peijun) and I went down to Nail Deck’s Lacquer Bar at VivoCity to get our nails done. Just kidding, we didn’t! 😆

We were there for two reasons – to see how Nail Deck makes the exact shade of pink that is our brand colour, and to film the whole process for our giveaway!

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About Nail Deck

Nail Deck is a nail polish brand that allows you to custom create a bottle of nail polish in any colour in the world through its mobile shopping app or by visiting them at their Lacquer Bar. At the Lacquer Bar, you can bring in discontinued nail polish colours, a picture, or even a physical object that has the colour you would like to bottle, and your desired colour will be blended and packaged in 10 minutes or less!

cube colour identifier

Photo credits: Digital Trends

Nail Deck is able to customise your favourite colour by using their specialised software and a very interesting tool called Cube, a portable colour digitizer. Cube gives you the hex code of the colour you need. Using the three primary colours and black and white, and a micropipette, the Nail Deck colourist is able to recreate every colour in the world.


The Challenge to Create Our Brand Colour

We were challenged by Daryl and JJ, the founders of Nail Deck, to create lacquer in our brand colour by coming up with percentages of red, blue, yellow, black and white. Watch the whole process in the video below!



A Very PSLove Christmas Giveaway

In the spirit of Christmas, PSLove is giving away S$20 Nail Deck cash vouchers! To join the giveaway, just follow the 3 simple steps outlined in the video above.

The giveaway ends on Tuesday 13th December 2016 and we’ll be selecting 3 lucky winners. There will be one last exciting Christmas giveaway next Saturday so do stay tuned!


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