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What is MenstruHeat?


MenstruHeat is Asia’s first portable and 100% natural heat therapy patch that is formulated to release just the right amount of heat to effectively combat menstrual pain. MenstruHeat delivers effective and targeted pain relief as a drug-free alternative. It is portable, easy to use and safe to use without having to worry about side effects.


How Does MenstruHeat Work?

MenstruHeat V.2, version 2, shape of menstruheat


MenstruHeat is made up of 3 layers, each layer specially designed with a woman in mind.

Base Layer:
It is coated with medical grade adhesive and is adjusted for tensile adhesion such that peeling off can be easy and clean. 

Middle Layer:
It contains the ingredient mix to provide deeply penetrating heat needed for menstrual pain relief.
The mix consists of: Iron, Activated carbon, Water, Salt & Vermiculite (mineral).

Final Layer:

This is a cotton surface layered with a porous membrane to control adequate amount of air into the mix so that the heat can be released at a pace that is not too intense for the skin.

RealHeat Technology

Our RealHeat technology involves an exothermic reaction within the ingredient mix, which produces heat when in contact with air. We have also optimised the ingredient mix to produce just the right amount of heat for intense menstrual cramps; while using the cotton layer to control the amount of air entering the mix to achieve fast but controlled heating.


How Does Heat Help?

We have put a lot of resources and time into understanding how ‘heat’ affects menstrual pain and how consumers react to various degree of heat. Heat primarily works in 3 ways to ease pain:

  1. Biophysical– increases blood flow to improve tissue oxygenation, hence reducing cramps.
  2. Vascular– heat induces vascular reactions to increase the blood flow to an area, resulting in the dilution of pain inducing molecules such as intravascular prostaglandins, bradykinin and histamine.
  3. Nervous– the local heat applied on the the upper abdomen increases gastrointestinal  motility and has a relaxing effect on the uterus as well.

Many clinical studies have proven that:

“continuous low-level topical heat therapy was as effective as ibuprofen for the treatment of dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)”.


What Are The Features?

fast and effective, qneckheat, backseat Fast & Effective

Provides quick relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature.


Comfortable Design

Bends to fit the contours of your abdomen.

discreet Discreet & Odourless

No one will know you’re wearing.


Soft On Skin

Medical-grade adhesive for maximum comfort.

fast heating, backheat

Long Lasting

For all-day relief using 100% natural heat.

How To Use MenstruHeat?

MenstruHeat warm heat level MenstruHeat hot level, recommended menstruheat hottest level

Stick the adhesive side onto the underside of your shirt.

Cotton side (less heat) will contact your body.


Stick the adhesive side on your underwear.

This layer will reduce heat conducted on your skin.


Stick the adhesive directly on your skin.

Your body heat speeds up the heating.

**** if you have sensitive skin, avoid sticking the adhesive directly on your skin.
*** remove product every hour for at least 5 minutes to let your skin rest as prolonged unmonitored heat on skin may cause low temperature burn.
** remove if the pack gets too hot.


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