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Buy MenstruHeat at Selected Guardian Stores!



Yes, MenstruHeat is finally in Guardian.

It has been a long journey getting MenstruHeat to where it is today. Many of you probably do not know the back story where we had to fight hard for MenstruHeat to be accepted by the stores – the product was new, it did not have a brand and we certainly didn’t have the budget to heavily market the product. Despite all those, as dreamers and firm believers that MenstruHeat could do good and save women every month, we pressed on.

From a handful of outlets, MenstruHeat slowly inched its way into 70 retail shelves island-wide. Our motivation? Customers.

It is extremely rewarding when a customer tells you that MenstruHeat saved them. More often than not, we get enquiries asking for the nearest outlet which MenstruHeat is sold so that he/she can immediately get it to help someone in pain. Now our customers can buy MenstruHeat at selected Guardian stores starting 24th March. This certainly marks a milestone for us.

And we are clear that entering the chain is just the beginning. We love MenstruHeat, but it is not perfect and that is why we are working day and night to improve on it so that as much as the current version works, we hope to bring you a much better version in the coming months. A product well thought-through on its user experience and most importantly, a product that can bring you the security and comfort you need when you need it most 🙂

We are looking to grow beyond Singapore so that MenstruHeat can contribute in other parts of the world. So help us by spreading the word!

Meanwhile, please support MenstruHeat by checking it out at the various Guardian outlets – try it and let us know how better we can improve 🙂


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