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Our first batch of MenstruHeat has finally touched down SG! It is definitely a new milestone for PSLove – being able to bring remedies to ladies who suffer horrible cramps during that time of the month. Some ladies have it really smooth, no symptoms, no pain, no discomfort. Unfortunately, I belong to the other extreme who experiences severe cramps on a regular basis, accompanied by fainting spells, lightheadedness, nausea, backaches etc. I used to take pink pills to stop the pain but being a bio student, I know I shouldn’t rely on drugs on such a regular basis.

My first encounter with using heat to ease cramps was when dear Caleb bought me a hot water bottle! You know, those kind you have to plug into the socket to heat up. For the first time there was actually something tangible I could use to ease the pain! But soon after, I realised it was quite troublesome to heat it up, plus it’s heavy (it is a water bag!) and there’s no way I can bring that out.

It was not long after that i started PSLove.. and realised that ladies out there are suffering from cramps, and most would just tolerate the pain because they refuse to take pink pills.. some are unaware that heat actually helps. That was when I realised that, hey, is there something instant and portable that could help ladies during those painful times? and so.. here we have MenstruHeat 🙂 It has become my monthly survival tool ever since and I have not taken pink pills for a long long time.

Just a note that MenstruHeat is not a magic pack and may not get rid of cramps completely (cramping is a natural body response anyway). But it sure does ease the discomfort and pain – clinical studies have shown that heat does reduce menstrual cramps (just like how heat helps to relax muscles when your leg cramp from running).



Here’s more about MenstruHeat, how it works and some usage tips.

How MenstruHeat Works

Menstrual cramps or backaches are commonly caused by tightening of the uterine muscles. Heat therapy works by relaxing the muscles, and thus easing pain. It promotes blood circulation as well, so it brings more oxygen to the affected area to prevent cramping and backaches. MenstruHeat was created to provide up to 12 hours of heat so you can use it for the whole day even when you are out.

Simply tear open the packaging when you need to use it – it heats up upon contact with air (exothermic reaction by iron, if you are into science). There is NO NEED to shake or press the heat pad. Just give it 5 minutes or less and you will start to feel it heating up.

Usage Tips

  1. Can I stick it on my skin directly?

I get a lot of questions on whether you can stick on skin directly. There are 3 ways of using MenstruHeat to adjust the temperature to your liking:

– For most heat, you may stick on your skin directly (your body heat will heat up the pack faster as well.) The sticky side of the pack also conducts more heat. But if you have sensitive skin, I’ll advise you to use the following 2 methods instead.

– For moderate heat, stick on the underside of your clothes (shirt/undies). The cotton side of the pack will be in contact with your skin but it does not conduct heat as well as the sticky side, so you will feel less heat.

– For less heat, stick the pack on your clothes (shirt/undies). Your clothes will act as an added layer of conductor so heat to your body will be reduced.

Everyone has different heat threshold, so I’ll say stick the pack on your undies or the under side of your shirt first. If you prefer more heat, you can remove the pack and switch to the first method 😉

2. The temperature fluctuates sometimes, is that normal?

Yes it is, at the start it would gradually heat up – and as you place near your body, your body temperature actually heats up the pack further. One tip is to remove the pack from your body if you find it too hot. By doing so, the pack will actually cool off a bit. Likewise, if you feel the pack losing heat, bring it to your body and it will heat up after a while. Heat increases the heating reaction. But don’t place it near any fire please!


3. How do I know if the heat has completely worn off?

When the contents of the pack starts to harden and become solid pieces (usually after 12 hours or so) – it is a sign that the heat is starting to wear off. In my experience, some heat packs heats up to even 16 hours and longer (it really depends on how much heat has been given off during its life span).

4. Can I put it on overnight?

Not advisable because you wont know if the heat pack gets too hot for your liking and may cause low temperature burns. I tried that couple of times and my abdomen actually turned red (nothing severe) but its like being sun-tanned 😛 What I’ll do is to have it close to my body, so in case I need some relief and gets awaken by the pain, there is something there to help. Alternatively, you can use method 2 – to stick on the underside of your clothes, so you reduce the heat contact to your body!

5. When should I use it?

Most ladies assume that they should use it when they feel the cramps. I’ve experimented on myself and clinical studies have shown that applying heat 2-4 hours before cramps will help better! Heat will prevent the muscles from cramping hard – a lot better than trying to relax it when it has cramped.

If you have any questions at all – whether or not you have tried MenstruHeat, I’ll be more than happy to help. So feel free to call/text me at +65 91474313 or email me at!

Heat therapy, although commonly used, may not work as effectively for every lady. There are many other ways to reduce cramps such as TCM, taking medications, yoga, changing lifestyles, etc.. So you should really explore which ways work for you and don’t succumb to the cramp monster every month!

I’m just super glad that I can now save many many periods and it is something that many ladies can identify with.

Cheers to having a better Period! 🙂

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