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March 14: White Day – The Day Where Females Receive Gifts!

White Rose White Day

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Upon reading the post title, some of you may feel confused and think: ” What in the world is White Day?”. Well, White Day is one of the 12 Love Days that is celebrated in South Korea and Japan. Every “Love Day” falls on the 14th of every month and in the month of March, it represents White Day. Read on to find out more about it!

So what exactly IS White Day?

Heart White Day

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In South Korea and Japan, only the women give gifts and the men simply receives them during Valentine’s Day (February 14). On White Day, it will be the women’s turn to receive gifts from males in return for what they gave the month before. On this day, men usually give white-colored gifts (with reference to the holiday name of course) and the act of giving a gift back can also be seen as an acceptance of the woman’s love. However, it is also a common practice to simply give gifts to their platonic classmates or co-workers to celebrate the occasion too!


Chocolate Covered Sardine White Day

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For the guys, it is good to be creative with what you are giving back in return but try not to be too weird (like the chocolate-covered sardine above) as it may just creep the receiving party out.

What about the people who are single?

Single Gif March 14 Love Days

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For the singles, don’t worry if you feel left out as there is always Black Day, a day for singles, that falls on on April 14. On this day, the singles dress in black and eat jjajangmyun (black bean paste noodles) to mildly mourn their singlehood. However, some may use this occasion to celebrate their independence and freedom instead.

What about the 14th for the upcoming months?

Calendar Gif 12 Love Days

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Sadly for the singles, most of the 14th of the other months are all occasions meant for couples. Here is the list of what each of the 14th of the upcoming months stands for!

May 14: Yellow/Rose Day

Flower Gif 12 Love Days

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As the name obviously suggests, couples exchange roses and dress up in yellow on this very day. For the singles, do not feel left out as you can try and eat “yellow curry”in an attempt to “spice up” your love life.

June 14: Kiss Day

Kiss Gif 12 Love Days

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It is a day for confessions! New relationships blossom and couples give each other TLC (tender loving care)! Many companies come up with all sorts of promotional activities to make use of this occasion.

July 14: Silver Day

Ring 12 Love Days

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On July 14, couples exchange silver promise, couple or engagement rings! It’s a form of reaffirmation of commitment to each other.

August 14: Green Day


Soju 12 Love Days Korea

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August 14 is the day where people drink soju together. It is called Green Day as soju usually comes in green coloured glass bottles.

September 14: Photo & Music Day

Korean Karaoke Love Days

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September 14 is a day filled with fun and laughter where everyone takes photos and sing their lungs out at the karaoke (or as the Koreans call them – Noraebangs).


October 14: Wine Day

Wine Love Days

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As you can tell from the name, October 14 is the day when couples enjoy wine together. A great date idea would be to cuddle up on the couch and watching a show together while enjoying wine. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Unfortunately for the singles, if you have no one to cuddle with, I guess you can also enjoy the wine on your own.

November 14: Movie Day

Movie Gif Love Days

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A day for watching movies, couples typically head to the theatres to catch a movie or rent some DVDs to watch them at home instead. You can also gather a group of friends and hang out together too!

December 14: Hug Day

Hugging Gif Love Days

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Hug Day is supposedly meant for wrapping the year up with a squeeze! Hug your friends, family and loved ones on this special day!

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