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Knee Pain

Knee Pain is a common symptom for the young and old alike, but especially amongst women and athletic individuals. For quick fixes, KneeHeat is your ideal remedy.


What is KneeHeat?

Portable and affordable, KneeHeat is a fast & effective natural heat releasing patch formulated to emit just the exact amount of heat for pain relief. It uses our proprietary RealHeat Technology, to provide optimum and controlled heat to combat knee aches. KneeHeat is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your knee, with an elastic band for additional support for your knee and security of the patch.


How Does KneeHeat Work?

KneeHeat is made up of 2 layers, each layer specially designed with a woman in mind.

Base Layer (medium heat):
It contains of a mixture of ingredients to provide deeply penetrating heat needed for back pain relief.
The mix consists of a certain ratio of: Iron, Activated carbon, Water, Salt & Vermiculite (mineral) to ensure that the exact amount of heat is emitted and that the optimal temperature is reached.

Top Layer:
This is a cotton surface layered with a porous membrane to control adequate amount of air into the mix so that the heat can be released at a pace that is not too intense for the skin.

Extended Heat Distribution

BackHeat is designed to fit the contours of your back so that you are able to adhere the product comfortably. The middle layer also emits heat that is extended across to the edge of the adhesive sides so that you not only get heat at the center of your back, but also on the sides as well.

RealHeat Technology

RealHeat Technology involves exothermic reaction, which occurs when the ingredient mix comes in contact with air (to produce heat). We have optimised the ingredient mix to produce just the right amount of heat for backaches; while using the cotton layer to control the amount of air entering the mix to achieve fast but controlled heating.


How Does Heat Help?

We invest heavily on research and development to find the optimal temperature for pain relief in the knee area. Applying heat is crucial because:

  1. It improves blood circulation, and expedites the cell repair process
  2. It relaxes your muscles and is therefore effective for tired and sore muscles
  3. It helps with joint movement, curing you of stiff joints


What Are The Features?

Fast & Effective

Provides quick relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature.


Perfect to use in the office and goes well with your favourite perfume

Soft On Skin

Designed to fit to the contours of your knee for wide coverage and maximum comfort.

 Long Lasting

For all-day relief using 100% natural heat


How To Use KneeHeat?

Tear open the packaging

Upon contact with air, KneeHeat will heat up within 5 mins.

Position on your Knee 

Strap the elastic band around your knee.

After every hour

Remove the product for at least 5 mins. Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns.

*Do not use while sleeping

**Do not use if joints are swollen, bruised or red.

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