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While I had thought I belonged to the lucky group of girls who aren’t plagued by the bane of period pain, my happiness was short-lived because I started to experience them some two years later. It never went away since.

Of course, not all pain is equal. I have heard horror stories on how some period pain can cause so much distress and inconvenience that it may leave the victim bedridden for that week. Fortunately for me, my period pain usually lasts only a day or two and is often eased with over the counter oral medications such as paracetamol. Nonetheless, periods are definitely no fun.

I understand that there are some girls who feel awfully crippled when their period strikes, and that their emotions would mimic the crashing waves of an ocean during a thunderstorm. They lose all confidence and rather stay at home in their slacks to wait their crisis out. That should not be the case!

Here are some tips on how to look and feel good, even when you are having your period.

1. Go over to the dark side

huiyi 1 This should be a unanimous consensus and a no-brainer to most. You can still enjoy wearing prints but as a general rule of thumb, keep the lower half of your body dark. When in doubt, always go for black. The blacker, the better.

2.Let loose
 My go-to’s include an oversized shirt or a shift dress. I find them the most comfortable, carefree and forgiving, especially when suffering from bloating. Even if I were to wear pants, I would typically choose one which is long enough to cover my bottom lest leakages occur. I try to avoid long flowy pieces because they can get quite troublesome in the toilet.

3. Safety first

I was surprised when I realized this was not a common practice. Safety shorts are my best friend when it comes to periods. It holds the pad snugly in place so I do not have to worry about leakages. Plus, if it really does leak, the safety shorts acts as an additional layer of barrier to minimize staining on your skirt or pants.

 4. Never fully dressed without a smile

It’s easy to fall into the crutches of periods, pull a long face and be affected by it all day long. Luckily, while we cannot control our periods, we can control how we feel, and to some extent. After all, a smile is the most beautiful thing one can wear, isn’t it?

This post is kindly contributed by Ng Hui Yi, social media influencer with keen interests for fashion.

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