How To Soothe My Mood Swings? [Use Candles for Aromatherapy]

Candles for Aromatherapy, an alternative to medicine, is made from aromatic plant compounds. This helps improve your health or mood by triggering the parts of your brain that signals your body to relax. In addition, scented candles also bring beautiful aromas into your room!

During menses (menstruation), the insane amount of hormonal changes can cause extreme mood swings! This is why we reached out to Ena Briant – the founder of Diadem Candles; who shared with us her experience with candles.

 Hey Ena! What was it like PMS-ing every month?

Ever had that feeling when you reach home after a long day at the office, suffering through meetings and trying not to bite your colleague’s head off? I used to… every month!

Before I started Diadem Candles I worked in the CBD, in an office, with lots of stress, piles of paper work and a collection of somewhat irritating co-workers… however they were never more annoying than during “that time of the month”. So when I got home my 5-step ritual would begin.

  1. Get rid of the husband
  2. Choose my favourite playlist
  3. Put a warm pack on my belly
  4. Fire up the mellow Lavender Candle that I made on the weekend
  5. Lie back and relax
white tea and ginger diadem candles

White Tea and Ginger


Are these steps actually helpful?

Yeah, I let go of all my troubles and reach a deep level of relaxation… and these are a few reasons why. The first being I was super tired, the second being that my environment was peaceful, and, finally I knew that the natural soy wax candle that I had personally created wasn’t made of toxic paraffin wax or filling my lungs with harmful soot.

The level of satisfaction that I took from these moments, led me to seek more satisfying moments in my life, and a similar routine to support them. A key contributor to my routine was the almost ceremonial action of igniting my scented candle, so with that I began to create different candles to accompany different moments.


How do these different candles help you?

Midweek I start my day with an energetic yoga practice, so to accompany this is I created an energizing White Tea and Ginger candle.

On the weekends I start my day with a quiet read of the paper, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, so I created the very gentle Singapore Orchid candle. And in the evenings my husband and I like to share a glass of wine on the balcony, so I created a Lemongrass candle to keep away those pesky mozzies.

Before long I had 6 variations of natural soy wax candles and I was not only enjoying the moments they were created to support, but I was also really enjoying the sense of achievement I gained when completing the complex process of creating the perfect candle.

Singapore Orchid Diadem Candles

Singapore Orchid


Why did you start making candles?

I found the science behind cooking scented candles fascinating. The delicate blend of the natural wax and the phalate free fragrances had to be combined at just the right temperature to ensure that the scented oils would cling to the wax and not rise to the top. This allowed the candle to have a consistent scent from first burn to the very bottom of the jar. I also began to experiment with adding natural vegetable coloring to give my house some color. This was an added complexity to the cooking process, but when I got the hang of it, the results were really lovely.

After a while my friends began asking me to create some candles for them to integrate into their daily routines and before long, the production line was in full flow.

lemongrass diadem candles



How has your journey been?

As you may have guessed, I now sell my candles for a living. I quit my job in the CBD and followed my passion, and the only reason why I was confident enough to do that is because I knew I had a great product that could be truly enjoyed by my clients without harming them or the environment.

I now have a range of candles made from natural soy wax in a collection of really lovely fragrances. All of which are non-toxic, burn with little to no soot, and can help you to reach that deep relaxation that we all need at least once a month.


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