Why You Should Buy the H&M Conscious Beauty Range

H&M has made itself an established brand in Singapore. In this fast growing and competitive space, it is always difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but H&M has done it with their Conscious beauty range. The Conscious beauty range caters to women who believe in Beauty With Conscience.

Why the Conscious Beauty Range?

“Looking good should do good too. That’s what H&M Conscious is all about – it’s our promise to bring you more fashion choices that are good for people, the planet and your wallet.” 


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They believe in giving back to nature – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These important R’s were taught to us in school, but we hardly apply it. Why? No one knows, but we always have an explanation, or rather excuse. We underestimate the importance of Mother Nature in our lives, but it is time to up our game.

H&M’s Conscious range builds around the concept of Sustainability. They believe in using more sustainable, organic and recyclable materials.


What’s So Special About Their Conscious Beauty Range?

  1. Their beauty products are available in PET bottles (recycled polyester)
    In 2015, they used the equivalent of over 90 million bottles that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Their recyclable bottles reduces land and air pollution.
  2. Chemical Restriction Tests
    Their products strictly follow a guideline – producers cannot use high volatile chemicals in their cosmetic range. This makes the products comply with all types of skin, including sensitive skin.
  3. No Animal Testing
    H&M’s cosmetic range refuses animal testing. They support organisations like Humane Society International and comply with their ethical standards.
  4. Organic Materials
    The entire product range is based on natural and organic ingredients, and is certified by Ecocert – one of the largest organic certification companies in the world.


What is Available In This Range?

1) Vitalising Body Cream – $17.50

Ingredients (certified organic)
Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil and Fragranced Essential Oil.

A rich body cream that leaves the skin quenched and refreshed. This a deeply hydrating pick-me-up.

How to use
After washing, massage gently onto your skin until absorbed.




2) Vitalising Body Wash – $9.90


Ingredients (certified organic)
Aleo Vera and Fragranced Essential Oil.

A gently cleansing and hydrating body wash with a sparkling limette fragrance. This leaves the skin soft and soothed.

How to use
Apply to wet skin, massage into a soft lather and rinse thoroughly.




3) Hydrating Face Mask – $12.90


Ingredients (certified organic)
Aloe Vera, Shea Butter , Jojoba Oil and Fragranced Essential Oil.

A pampering face mask that gently removes impurities and moisturises the skin.

How to use
Cleanse face and pat dry. Gently massage onto face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips. Leave for 2-10 minutes, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Test for irritancy before use.

4) Dry Shampoo – $17.90


Ingredients (certified organic)
Potato starch and Fragranced Essential Oil.

A refreshing, cleansing and mattifying dry shampoo with a stimulating peppermint fragrance.

How to use
Shake well, then dust onto dry roots or all over. Brush off any excess product before styling.


5) Lip Balm – $12.90


Ingredients (certified organic)
Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Beeswax and Castor oil.
Fragranced with natural aromas and coloured with natural minerals.

A gentle lip balm that leaves lips soft and supple with a subtle shine. This leaves the lips moisturised.

How to use
Apply directly on lips. It is available in- Raspberry, Lemon & Vanilla flavours.




These products are available in selected H&M stores in Singapore. 

  1. Orchard Building
     1 Grange Road
    Singapore 239693
  2. One Raffles Place
    Unit #01-03/04/05/06 & Level 2
    One Raffles Place
    Singapore 048616


Let us know if you have tried these products! Are they any good? 🙂

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