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Free Replacement of MenstruHeat with Issues

An apology

Dear Customers,

Recently, we found out that a bunch of our MenstruHeat buddies went astray. They were supposed to have nice adhesive paper that peels off smoothly so that MenstruHeat can stick by you through thick and thin. However, we realised that a batch didn’t have the adhesive paper that could peel off smoothly. Instead, it might be difficult to peel off completely, leaving some film on the pack, hence unable to adhere well! 🙁 We believe that some MenstruHeat packs have misplaced our company values in creating the best experience for consumers and having a non-compromise stance when it comes to defects!

This is what a problematic and a happy MenstruHeat look like:

Adhesive comparison

Nonetheless, we have taken disciplinary actions against those problematic MenstruHeat packs and despite it being a significant amount, we are firm that we will not send that batch out to serve you ladies! Instead, we have made the decision to give away those packs to various organizations in need so that that each MenstruHeat pack still gets to complete its mission!

Unfortunately we were a tad bit late in recognising those packs and some had gone out to our retail partners. So if any of you have gotten your hands on one of these cranky MenstruHeat packs, please accept our sincere apology and we will be more than happy to do a free one-to-one replacement for you. Simply email your details and we’ll send a happy MenstruHeat your way 🙂
(p.s. we also found out that if you peel off the adhesive paper really slowly and carefully, you will be able to salvage a MenstruHeat pack and get a nice adhesive back!)

Please also be assured that we have gotten the situation under control and the subsequent MenstruHeat packs are well and ready to serve!

On a more serious note, it has been a great learning lesson for us in many ways as we learn to scale up our business growth. We are glad to have encountered this problem at this early stage of our company so that we are better prepared in the longer run. We also really appreciate customers who have written to us very graciously to inform us of this problem, and still rooting for MenstruHeat. Truly touched by the local support we have <3

As we grow MenstruHeat beyond the shores of SG, we hope to still be on-the-ground, be in touch with our customers and understand consumer sentiment. Only this way, can we truly create great products and brands that go beyond being just functional. So thank you for all your feedback, words of appreciation and encouragement! The team at PSLove will continue to work hard to serve more females all around the world, and you, as our customers, have certainly played a big part in our progress whether you know it or not 🙂

With much love,
Founder of PSLove

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