All About Periods

First Period.

Most of us has gotten so used to having Period that we can hardly remember what it was like experiencing it for the first time.

Or what it feels like having your mum tell you (awkwardly) about Periods.

So heres a short post for the young ones or for the mums to prepare their girl for this “Journey” ahead! They call it womanhood, but to me its just pain 🙁

1) When will my girl get her first Period?

Periods usually happen between the age of 9 to 16 years of age, that’s about Pri 4 to Sec 4 – alongside all the other “womanly” changes that take place in the body. Now, to the young ones: Dont go nail-polishing your underwear hoping you’ll get your Period earlier, it doesn’t work .

2) How do I know when shes on her first Period?

The first few Periods are usually very light and scanty – it will likely be a few spots of red blood or brown stain that appears on your underwear. Mums, if you noticed that your girl is starting to stain her undies, its time for some preparation!

3) How can I prepare her for her first Period?

The first step is to watch her underwear during her puberty years! When she does begin having her Period, mummy, you should start educating her about it. Reassure her that it is normal and all ladies will have to go through it.

It is important to also tell her how to change pads and how often she has to do it! (Good hygiene habits always start from young) For a start, i’ll say change they should change their pads at least 3 times a day (morning, mid day, night), or until their pads becomes too red-ish.

Get her a First Period Kit (We will be launching that soon!) if you can.

Help her track her Period cycle (it may be irregular at the beginning) so just help her top up Pads and Pantyliners in her bag every month!

4) What if she gets cramps?

If your little one is experiencing cramps, teach her how to cope with it! Prepare heatpacks for her, tell her to drink hot drinks (no ice please) and stay away from ice-cream! Usually they have it okay at the onset.

5) Can she do sports or swim during her Period?

Now, life goes on as usual during Period (and you know that) – she just needs a little getting used to. Tell her that sports are okay, but I’ll say stay away from the pool until she is able to handle her Period properly (that is to know how to prevent leakage maybe wear a tampon).


That’s a short snippet of what we have for you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.