Find Out How to Burn Off The CNY Calories

Did you know the amount of calories you’ve been consuming?

Take a look at this:

Chinese New Year Goodies Calories

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Wow. That’s a lot of calories! No wonder we’ve always been warned not to snack too much during the festive season because like they say, “One minute on the lips, forever on the hips!”. However, we do understand that it’s really hard to control yourself especially when you have relatives who will literally stuff you with food.

Therefore, we have some tips we thought would be helpful for you to burn those calories off, so that you will feel less guilty when munching on those pineapple tarts!


1. If you’re at home:

jump rope exercises

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Jump rope exercises are great for those who are not keen on hitting the gym or running the tracks in the stadium. If you hate running, then try jump rope exercises because they’re fun and effective in burning calories! Try the basic two-foot hop in a 100 x 3 reps, with 30 seconds rest in between. Or if you’re more adventurous and want to try other more interesting exercises, feel free to test them out and see which one you like the most!


hula hoops

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Don’t hula hoops remind you of childhood times? Just like jump ropes, there are so many fun things you can do with a hula hoop. For those who can’t work hula hoops (like myself), this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch on! A hula hoop works your abs/stomach/waist area out and burns fat around there. If you think hula hoops are too easy for you, try other ways of utilising the hula hoop, like using it around your arm to burn fats there. There are so many possible exercises that can be done with a hula hoop, and it’s super affordable as well!


stairs exercises

Photo credit: nano workout

If you don’t have jump ropes or hula hoops available, fret not! Just find a staircase nearby that you’re comfortable with working out at and try out stairs exercises. Don’t let these exercises fool you! If done properly, they really work your butt out. This was what I used to do back in my badminton training days and they really made my butt sore.


If you’re ready to hit the outdoors:

treetop walk

Photo credit: rollercoaster rendezvous

If you’re up for an outdoor workout session, try heading to MacRitchie’s Treetop Walk. The whole hike takes about 2-3 hours but you will be rewarded with a fantastic view while up on the treetop bridge. It offers a bird’s eye view of the nature around you and is about 7 storeys high. Definitely worth a visit and great for burning those calories off at the same time.



Photo credit: westfit club

Swimming! For those who can swim, don’t wait to hit the pool! Swimming doubles as a cardio and strength training and is good for your heart. It also helps to take some stress off your mind. If you’re not into a full strict training routine, swimming is a fun exercise that you can enjoy while burning those fats away!


cycling at east coast park

Photo credit: tuan & min

If you think that running is boring, then it’s time to go cycling! Cycling works out your legs and core. If you’re adventurous, you can consider going out to Pulau Ubin as the main mode of transport there would be cycling. What’s better than sightseeing while working out and being eco-friendly at the same time, right? If you can’t cycle, don’t worry! There are family bikes available for rent at East Coast park where you can take your time to slowly enjoy the scenic view around you while pedalling.


These are only some of the activities that you can do to burn off those calories! Whether it’s a strict workout session by yourself or a fun day out with friends, these activities will definitely make you feel satisfied and less guilty when snacking on those pineapple tarts!

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