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#Femvertising: 5 Women Empowerment Campaigns

It’s definitely CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). And though that might seem to undermine the good works of these campaigns, it actually doesn’t. It’s a win-win situation: companies improve their brand image, and marginalised or discriminated communities take another step of empowerment.

So what’s #femvertising? It’s exactly what you guessed it to be – feminine advertising. These are ads that embrace and empower women and their uniqueness. Did you know that there is even a #Femvertising Awards? SheKnows Media launched the #Femvertising Awards “to honor brands that are challenging gender norms by building stereotype-busting, pro-female messages and images into ads that target women” in 2015 (source). Individuality, love, acceptance and celebration are the themes of these campaigns, and we absolutely love them! So here’s a list of our favourites.

1. #GirlsCan – Covergirl

“Sometimes you hear it, but more often, you feel it.” That’s referring to the phrase that “girls can’t“. This ad by Covergirl shows that in fact, girls can do anythingand it doesn’t matter whether other people agree or not. Go prove the doubters wrong! Girls are capable in every way to challenge stereotypes and succeed in all their aspirations.

And look who appears in this video: P!nk, Becky G, Janelle Monae, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Queen Latifah, and Ellen DeGeneres? Covergirl has really gotten an impressive line-up of ambassadors! They are living proof that girls indeed, can.


2. #LikeAGirl – Always

We hear this even in Singapore, and we hear it way too often. “You throw like a girl”, “stop crying you sissy”, “don’t be such a girl”. What’s that supposed to mean, that girls are somehow inferior to guys and therefore being “like a girl” can be used as a condescending comment?

This ad shows what ‘like a girl’ really means.


3. I Will What I Want – Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sportswear and casual apparel company. This time, they hired Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel. Almost real-time comments from fans and haters alike are flashed on the walls as Gisele works out with a punching bag. She basically doesn’t give a care in the world and rocks on with her workout.

This ad is the epitome of “haters gonna hate, but still, go do what you do and be awesome at it”!


4. Marriage Market Takeover – SK-II

This ad…you might need to get some tissues ready. SK-II targets the Chinese culture in particular and empowers China’s “leftover women”, women above the age of 25 who are not married yet. Instead of feeling embarrassed from their community for failing to find a life partner, this campaign seeks to help them make a stand, what more in a public marriage market!



5. A Girl’s Beauty Confidence Starts With You – Dove

A list of female empowerment campaigns won’t be complete without one on body image. There are many body positivity ads out there, but we chose this because it emphasises the importance of family, mother-daughter relationships and starting a culture of body positivity from ourselves and our families. Good things in society start right with ourselves and in our homes!


We hope these #femvertising ads were an inspiration to you! Which ones touched you the most?

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