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Feminine Washes: Yay or Nay?


Want your vagina to smell like roses? You’re covered. Want it to be smoother? You’re covered, Want it to be whiter? Guess what, you’re covered!

Countless types of vaginal washes claim to make your vagina more fragrant, more visually appealing than it already is, but do we really need them? With all products that are going to have any contact with my nether regions, as well as dubious claims like these, I was naturally skeptical. They’re supposed anti-bacterial, odour-eliminating, and even crotch-whitening capabilities, are apparently any girls’ best bet in reducing any genital woes a they may have. But are they all what they claim to be? And can they in fact be doing more harm than good?


Are feminine washes really necessary?

One thing is obvious, upon doing research, many doctors agree than vaginal washes are not necessary, and may even do more harm than good when it comes to your vagina’s wellbeing.




It is natural for your vagina to have some sort of smell, and some women’s vaginal odour just happen to be stronger than that of other ladies. So just because you smell something coming from down there, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it. In fact, these odours play an extremely important role in telling you whether there are any imbalances happening in your vagina, for example something overly “fishy” could be indicating some sort of infection. So by making your vagina artificially smell like roses or peaches, you could be decreasing the chances of diagnosing any infections or pH imbalances going on down there.

Other than that, the vagina is said to be a self-regulating and self-cleaning environment. Your vagina contains naturally occurring bacteria that helps maintain its delicate internal balance. They help to control the amount of unwanted microbes such as yeast and bad bacteria, and also produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, where lactic acid maintains the slightly acidic pH of your vagina, while hydrogen peroxide creates an oxygenated environment that prevents the proliferation of bad microbes. But without getting to science-y, yes there is bacteria down there that is good for you.


Why could they be bad?

The thing about these vaginal washes is that they don’t discriminate between good and bad microbes, and kill anything that’s alive down there. So using these washes may in fact tip the balance, and bring about more harm than good by disrupting your vagina’s natural self-regulating tendencies. Using vaginal washes or douches may even encourage the spread of infections to other parts of your genitals!


So, the bottom line is this.

Though some doctors may occasionally ask patients to use feminine washes, those usages are under careful supervision. Remember that vaginas are beautiful and natural things just as they are. Don’t worry, even if there’s a little bit of smell, your body is doing its own thing in making sure that things are working like how they are supposed to.

Don’t tell yourself that there’s something wrong with your vagina, or worse yet, let someone else tell you that there’s something wrong with your vagina. Women’s vaginas have been doing fine for all history without these products, so I’m sure yours can take care of itself too.


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