Eyeshadow Tips For Asian Eyes

Have you ever watched a YouTube tutorial for eye makeup and wonder how exactly to do a cut-crease? As an Asian myself, I used to wonder where the crease on my eyes were. It’s true that due to the difference in our facial structure and genetics, our eyes aren’t the same as the typical Westerners’ eyes. On top of that, all the pretty eyeshadow palettes we lust after are usually made by Westerners’ standards, so even if there are some pretty shades we love, we might not know how to wear it.

Therefore I hope that this post will help to shed some light for girls who are just starting to figure out eye makeup and getting lost in a sea of makeup tutorial videos. (like I once did!)


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1. Apply with eyes half closed


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If you’ve been applying your eyeshadow on a closed eyelid all your life, you know you’re making a mistake. When you’re applying your eyeshadow, tilt your head backwards and close your eyes halfway, just like how you would do when you apply mascara. This way, you’re allowing yourself to see where exactly the shadows are going and can find your crease more easily.


2. Shimmer


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This style of eyeshadow has been made popular by Korean inspired makeup looks. Adding a touch of light shimmer to the inner corner and undereyes make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and livelier. If you’re not that big on shimmer under your eyes, dot a little bit on just the inner corners to get an instant wide-eye effect.


3. Smokey eyes


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If the term ‘smokey eyes’ only reminds you of a full on black-lid smokey eye, you are clearly misinterpreting it. Instead of the usual black, use lighter or more neutral colours like brown combined with shimmery shades with rose gold tones in the middle. A smokey eye can help to add depth to your eye socket and define your eyes.


4. Eyeliner is key


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Eyeliner is very important because when applied correctly, it can help to alter the shape and look of your eyes. Always remember to tightline your upper lashline (which means to draw on your lash line) because by doing so, it fills in the gaps between your lashes and helps to define your eye shape while making your lashes look fuller. If you like to tightline your lower lashline as well, do not join the upper and lower eyeliner at the ends but instead, leave a gap to create illusion of a bigger eye.


5. Gradient


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If you are not into the eyeliner or smokey-eye looks, then try a gradient eyeshadow look. Start by applying the darkest colour close to your lashline, and then move upwards with a medium shade, followed by the lightest. This will help to subtly add dimension to your eye without forcing too much out of your natural eye shape, or it will look overdone. Don’t forget to blend using an eyeshadow brush!



There we have it – 5 eyeshadow tips for Asian eyes. Eye makeup is important as they will help to define your face and they are the first thing people notice when they look at you (at least for me). When it comes to makeup, eyes are definitely the most fun to work with because of the many different combinations you can try out. So go ahead and be bold, try all the styles you like and let us know how it goes!


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