Easy Recipes to Try While on Your Period

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Can you tell that I’m pretty excited about the post that’s going up today? Well.. who doesn’t like FOOD?!

Looking for the perfect recipe to share with you guys have been tough, you can never guess the number of times that my stomach has growled while I scour through the Internet for some finger lickin’ good recipes that are also easy to prepare. Rest assured that they are all manageable (even for culinary greenhorns like me) because..

True story, that is me all the time because I’m a walking disaster in the kitchen.

If you are not following us on our Instagram yet, you would have missed our post on why pineapples is the perfect sweet treat for you during your period.

Pineapples contains bromelian, an enzyme that helps to prevent menstrual cramps by relaxing your muscles. As an added bonus, this tropical fruit is also a mood booster! You can either have it straight out of the fridge, or in the form of pineapple juice and if you’re not a fan of either, we’ve got your back with this recipe below!

1. Grilled pineapple with honey cinnamon drizzle



Before grilling your pineapple, first slice it up into your desired size. After which, proceed to grill them over medium heat for 5-10 minutes till they are nicely charred.

While grilling, you can start preparing the honey cinnamon drizzle as well. Soften your honey by microwaving it for approximately 30 seconds and when this is done, add in the cinnamon!

Violà! Now you have the perfect summer treat for that sweet and savoury craving. 🙂

2. Superfood quinoa bowl

Every female out there would be familiar with that insanely fast metabolism that we wish we had forever, this breakfast recipe that we have lined up for you is sure to keep you satisfied and tide you over till your next meal (erm.. snack you mean?).



Preparing this superbowl is as easy as breakfast can get, all you have to do is to prepare the quinoa as per instructed on the packaging. Assemble your bowl, and you’re good to go!

For those of you who experience inertia getting out of bed every morning (a.k.a yours truly), I’m letting you in to a huge secret. With the same recipe, I’ll replace the quinoa with oats. Instead of preparing it in the morning, I’ll add all the ingredients into a mason jar and leave it in the refrigerator for the night. This way, you’ll have a scrumptious and filling breakfast that’ll help keep your cravings at bay the next day.

Easily cooked up (well, no cooking involved in this one though) and jam-packed with all the right nutrients to help you through your cramps – this might just be one of my favourite recipes of them all!

Nut butter- High in vitamin E, both peanut and almond butter helps with the inflammation and cramping during your period.

Blueberries- These tiny babies work miracles by offsetting the symptoms of low estrogen, which is also known as the cause of PMS and mood swings.

Quinoa/ Oats- These whole grains are packed with lots of B-complex vitamins and vitamin E that will help with the mood swings and fatigue. It’ll also helps to keep you full for a longer period of time (yay to less guilty snacking!).

Bananas- Kudos to this fruit for having a high magnesium content. If you experience bad cramps, you would know that pain and sleep, they make a vicious cycle. Pain interrupt sleep, and a lack of sleep makes pain worse and this whole cycle repeats itself all over again every month.

roll eyes
Yes, we feel you.

The good new is, bananas can help combat both! With melatonin, this fruit is a natural sleep aider that regulates the body’s natural rhythms to give you a peaceful night of rest! Furthermore, it is a rich food source of anti cramping nutrients (Vitamin B6) and… being loading with potassium, it also helps to relieve water retention!!

3. Sweet potatoes with black bean and corn salad

Now.. for the last recipe that we are going to share today! It is a little messy and time consuming but it is definitely worth it, I tell ya! Sweet potatoes have been one of my staples and this is really an elevated recipe of the regular plain sweet potatoes.



To prepare this, simply baked or steam your sweet potatoes till your desired tenderness. For me, I measure this by poking ’em sweet potatoes with a fork. If it’s soft and cooked, the fork should puncture it smoothly.

While it steams, stir and combine the black beans, corns, onions and cilantro in a big bowl. For the vinaigrette, mix the lime zest and juice, honey, adobo, salt and pepper together in a smaller bowl.

After which, pour the vinaigrette mixture over the black bean mixture and toss it to combine.

When your sweet potatoes are done, sliced them open and stuff it with the black bean and corn mixture and there you have it!! A warm meal that will keep your belly happy 🙂

*If you can’t get your hands on some adobo sauce, simply replace it with some cayenne pepper or use a dressing of your liking.

So now, shall we get down to business and start cooking? If you do try these recipes out, don’t forget to leave us a comment below and tag us on Instagram @pslove_co! 🙂

let's get this cookingHappy cooking everyone, ciao!

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