Buying Yoga Pants? Do These 5 Yoga Poses to Know If They’re The Right One!

If you have ever attended a Yoga class, you know that there is a lot of stretching and bending involved; which means that it is so important that you get the right pair of pants so that you don’t accidentally give the whole world an unintended peep show when in a downward dog position. (Especially if your Yoga teacher is a male!)

There are a couple of brands such as lululemon, who had to recall their pants because it was too sheer and see-through, (yikes!) so here is a list of 5 Yoga poses that you can do in the changing room the next time you’re buying new pants, to save you from this Yoga fashion faux pas.

Tip: when doing this, wear the brightest coloured underwear that you have, and if they can be seen through the fabric, then the yoga pants are too sheer.

1. Prasarita Praddhotanasana aka Wide-legged Forward Fold

This beginner pose allows you to see your behind in a mirror while you are bent over. Check if your underwear peeks through the stretched fabric on your derriere, and smoothe out any instance of VPL as well.

2. M?l?sana aka Garland pose or Full Yogic Squat

Squat gently into this pose because getting into it too quickly may possibly rip the seams of the yoga pants if you’re not careful. Not only will it test the stretchability of the fabric, this pose will also help you to test whether the yoga pants are well-constructed enough to get into tight poses, without constricting your blood flow. For a pair of yoga pants that is well-constructed, is highly stretchable, and provides good and comfortable support to your derriere, opt for those by Cajubrasil—available from Eikon.


3. Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana aka Compass Pose

If you have space to sit on the floor in the dressing room, this is a deep hip opener that allows you to check if you might accidentally give your teacher a peep show. If your hips aren’t flexible enough for the full pose yet, cradle your lifted and bent leg in your arms in front of you, like you would hold a baby.


4. Vrksasana aka Tree pose

This pose allows you to easily view your crotch in the mirror for any potential peep show. It also helps test whether the yoga pants material might be too slippery for static poses, or for partner or AcroYoga.


5. Utthita Parshvasahita aka Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

This pose is great when trying on yoga pants that don’t have a triangle-shape fabric at the crotch area—even with your knee bent when your leg is lifted, you have a good view of your crotch area to check that the fabric is not too sheer when stretched.

Since most of these poses are wide legged poses or hip openers, do warm up before you attempt them inside the dressing room. If all else fails and you can’t quite see your derriere in the dressing room mirror, bring your most trusted girl or boy friend so that they can be your eyes.

Modelled by: Theresa Shan
Yoga pants, sports bra & tank: Cajubrasil from Eikon
Location: MUVE Fitness

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