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Buy MenstruHeat at over 300 7-Eleven Outlets!


Where can I find MenstruHeat?

While on your period you can grab some chocolates, snacks, tau sa pau (red bean bun) and MenstruHeat from 7-Eleven! A one-stop shop for everything, whilst on your period! Convenience is closer than you think. After our launch in over 90 Guardian outlets and over 80 independent stores in Singapore – we attained a new milestone and launched in 300 7-Eleven outlets all over Singapore. Yes, we did!

We received many S.O.S calls, texts & Whatsapp messages at wee hours of the night, from concerned parents, boyfriends/husbands and women suffering from menstrual cramps who urgently needed MenstruHeat. This solely encouraged us to make MenstruHeat available 24/7 and bring comfort and relief closer to you. Relief is closer than you think.

7-Eleven being Singapore’s largest convenience store was the way for us to reach our customers 24/7. MenstruHeat is closer than you think.


7-Eleven Contest:



We also have a contest for all of our 7-Eleven customers! You can either go down to a 7-Eleven store or do it on your computer screens at home! Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags – #menstruheat7eleven and #reliefiscloserthanyouthink

Do upload it and take part in the contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! 🙂
Also, please do support MenstruHeat like you always do – try it and give us your feedback, we are always open to it!


PS: We will be available in all 300 outlets TODAY- 7th November 2016 (7/11/16). Do you get it? We will be available in 7-Eleven on 7.11? Sorry, we were really proud with this revelation ourselves teehee!

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