Best Looks for Christmas

Hey folks! Christmas is just round the corner and if you’re still wondering what to wear to that party or that family dinner, we have some suggestions for you. Read on!


For Family Dinners

You wouldn’t want to be dressed too.. well, provocatively/sexily for family dinners or you might get stares and disapproving looks from relatives. That said, we’d still want to wear something pretty and cute because it’s Christmas after all! Some of our suggestions:

1. Cute Sweaters


Photo credit: leblogdebetty

When it comes to Christmas, one can never do without a cute sweater. You may say a plain old sweater is too boring, but it won’t be with a cute sequinned Christmas tree! Pair this with a pair of metallic pants as seen on Betty above, or simply a regular pair of jeans! Definitely family-appropriate.


2. Mini Dresses


Photo credit: leblogdebetty

If a sweater is not fun enough for you, go for this mini glittery tulle dress! The tulle makes it super cute and the glitter makes the entire dress more fun and Christmas-y. Because well, everything that glitters is appropriate for Christmas! Forget your plain old LBDs and switch it up for this cute glittery tulle dress. To make the whole outfit even cuter, accessorize with a gold bow or a santa hat!


For Gathering with Friends

Christmas is the season to be jolly! And greedy! Time to gobble up all the food and spend some quality time out with your friends. If you’re going to be out the whole day in a weather like sunny Singapore, yet still want to look good in photos, go for the following outfits!

1. Midi Skirts


Photo credit: asos

A midi skirt will be perfect for a casual to semi-formal gathering. It looks made up yet not overly formal at the same time. With a metallic midi skirt like the one above, it’s sure to give your whole outfit an extra oomph and you’ll definitely look great in photos! Pair statement midi skirts with a plain colored top or crop top. This look will be complete by pairing it up with some smokey eyes.


2. Rompers


Photo credit: nordstrom

If skirts are not your thing, go for rompers! Compared to a skirt, a romper is simple and saves you the hassle of having to hold your skirt down when it’s windy (not everyone wants a Marilyn Monroe moment). A romper can also make your legs look longer and not to mention how classy it looks. Perfect for parties or outings!


There we have it! 4 different outfit ideas for both casual and formal outings. The outfits are not limited to the occasions we’ve suggested, so if you feel like wearing something fancy to a family dinner or something casual for an outing, why not? Try out as many different styles and wear whatever you like, as long as you’re happy with it, no one should be able to stop you! You go girl! 🙂

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